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    I think they have the right idea, a community, low tech, farming helps keep you away from outside influences and can produce an income.

    What do you reckon ?


    I wouldn’t like to have to take up their religion, but on the whole it’s a good model. However this forum would not be possible because no electricity, no pc, no internet. I’d prefer a similar community but one which uses sustainable power to make use of positive aspects of modern inventions. Like um, oh, operating theatres for instance. No single era not even nomadic cro-magnon man had it perfectly right. Not all modern technology is bad, modern medicine, for the most part, is preferable to ancient. I for one am very glad of the anaesthetic used in the operations I had several years ago, also the titanium plate and pins which now allow me to walk. So ‘low tech’ yes, but not ‘no tech’. :0)


    Sunny, I know there are many people who use this forum like 12vman and myself who live off grid and have done for many years.

    Don’t rule out renewable energy being used to create and enjoy high technology solutions. ;-)


    Hey there Hardworkinghippy, I wasn’t ruling it out, just saying that the Amish probably would, and therefore one of the reasons that their way of life is not for me.

    When our ship comes in and we are finally able to live the dream, we will be sure to contact you both for solutions to any tech questions for living off-grid! :0)

    Kelly Mead

    The Amish can and do use electronics the only thing is it has to be battery operated. Most children have a gameboy type of electronic growing up now a days. Anything they use has to have a “day of rest” in the use and production that’s why they don’t have phones, tv’s etc. They use them, they just don’t own them. The Amish are unique and have pro’s and con’s to the lifestyle. It’s not for me but I can relate. Also the Amish of today is not as self-sufficient as they have been due to land prices going up so most young couples now live in town, though electricity and phone are not turned on, and work as skilled labors.


    looks like is the way to go then !


    Hi, I’ve also heard that most Amish are not necessarily against electricity/technology itself, but instead against the grid stystem. I live in an area where there are many Amish, and I’ve always admired them, they are wonderful people. Besides selling crafts and things, many are home builders for a living so if anyone is pondering on building a new home, maybe keep them in mind and search for them in your area.


    yes,this is true, they sometimes use it for milking cows etc. they just think it harms family life, so is not in the home

    I think this is the right idea, many things,such as television, seem a nice idea but take away more from life than they give and thus it is best not to have them in the home.


    Hey, why not get a word from an Amish man! I am what’s called Spiritually-Amish; in other words, I was not born nor raised Amish, but after I became a Christ-follower I (sampled, then) resisted the organized religions as well as those who took on the titles and traditions of Christianity; in a true Spiritual journey that eventually lead me to Anabaptism, wherein I then spent a season with the Amish (in PA., where I intend to return next season for another visit). To be officially “Amish” requires “joining” their church and learning the Dutch language they speak, neither of which, do I know to be a necessary function to being a part of the Body of Christ (to be in the family of God). They know that I believe this and do not reject me because of it, but I cannot live permanently with them unless/until. In other words, I accept them completely as Spiritual Brothers; what/how they receive me is a little different, but I feel welcome among them in any event. Living/working among them, I know as much as an “outsider” can know!

    Amish live nearly independent of the overall economy. During the 1st great economic depression they lived on with little effect upon their lifestyles. It will be much the same during the 2nd, though they too, feel the strain of (ever-increasing) taxes from the many hands-out Takers that dominate this culture/lands (the Godless-religious Westernizers who conquered & built this soon-collapsing Capitalist Oligarchy)!

    I use electricity to supply eco-lighting, my lap-top, Dewalt 18V cordless power tools, TV/Sat and cell phone recharge, but that’s about it. All these things can be supplied by a solar panel pack. I am an Eco-Village designer and off-grid specialist. I’m currently building for this purpose. Religious affiliations are not a requirement, however, if you are Christ-phobic it would end up being too uncomfortable.

    Nick Rosen

    Heck, yea.. I even have over-the-air digital tv with surround sound.. LOL


    this vehmt stuff is actually crazy – where environmental concern becomes environ-mental. beware the crazies yeah. we can live and steward the earth well, we’ve got to have hope and believe this. there are lots of great solutions and creative ideas coming forth in these days. who knows, im not saying its gonna be utopia, but we might have some of our greatest days to come yet. As good as we are at making the mess dont you think we’re creative enough to sort this thing out by God’s grace?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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