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    Is it possible to switch between being on and off grid? If you are generating more than you need it makes sense to sell the excess on to the grid, well it would if the price wasn’t skewed to favour the electricity companies, however I gather that if you are connected and the grid goes down, it takes you with it. Is this true? Surely a simple throw switch would separate the two. If not why not?

    Does this only apply to wind turbines, or solar too?

    What kind of load do you need to have to soak up the excess should there be a blackout and you are generating more than you can use?


    Most on and off grid connections have a backup generator for blackouts. Also may have a battery charger that keeps a battery array charged. When it sensesa blackout it switches to battery and generator power. Complete off grid system dont need this. The other day my neighbor asked me if my power was out because hers was. I chuckled and said no mines just fine it must just be yours. She was not aware I live off grid.


    Depends on equipment as some is grid tied an cannot be run stand alone, as for wasting some if you have too much? again depends on your excess but try heating something, water is good, or make some ICE both use plenty of power.

    BTW The only time I find out that there is a power cut locally is when neighbours pop around for hot drinks and a warm by the fire!

    Necessity is the mother of invention.


    There is a growing movement in the USA to foster hybrid homesites, which allow you to generate your own solar and wind energy, sell the excess to the grid and rely on the grid as a back up power supply. One example is Freedom Farms in Texas. See our classified ad at this site.

    Does anyone know of other similar communities where one can purchase a hybrid homesite?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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