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    Im currently looking into purchasing a cottage in Northern Ontario, away from the coming chaos. Im looking to live comfortably all year round what kind of cost am I looking at spending after the cost of the cottage for a fully sustainable dwelling off the grid. Also is it possible to store solar power for winter months. Thanks, Chris


    Hi, I too am dreaming of off grid living. I have found that it is possible to build a home that virtually heats its self. They call it passive annual heat storage or annualized geo solar. It actually harvests the excess summer heat and stores it in the ground around the home for use in the winter. I don’t know of any that have been built further north than north dakota though. The cost question has a lot of variables. Size being the biggest. I am a contractor in Minnesota and also a log home dealer and structural insulated panel home dealer. I could take a look at your plan and give you some idea of cost or help you develop a plan based on your needs and budget.


    I havent yet purchased the cottage but i am looking for something around $80 000 to $100 000, with basic amenidies. I need to store power for winter months as there is only 6 hours of daylight and it is -30 degrees celcius. It would be a small cottage of one room, bathroom if that helps you on judging the size. I just need an approximate price

    Thanks, Chris


    Lots of forrests in the canadian wilderness, burn wood, avoid the chaos by avoiding people -HIDE


    I built my solar cabin for under $2000. Solar power system under $2000. It all depends on how big and materials used.

    You can see my website for ideas:


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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