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    Here are a few of the highlights I found in Chapter 1 ( Anyone else reading the book? I’m looking forward to printed copies someday that I can pass out to some people I know to help introduce them to the who, what, when, and why of surviving off-grid. It is also giving me a better grasp of the whole topic so that I have a more logical and complete worldview to move in the direction of off off-grid.

    Off-Grid and OFF Off-Grid

    “Off Off-Grid means that we are moving towards a purely God-reliant, separated, survival life. In the Off Off-Grid system, we have eschewed and rejected the accepted maxims of industrialism and urbanism, and we actually dare to question whether the perpetual 72 degree myth and the lie of “time saving” is beneficial to our long-term survival and happiness. We actually dare to question whether some very modern conveniences are really necessary. We actually dare to ask if we, as a people, are better off and more holy and spiritual since we have determined that carnal comfort is critical to our well being and happiness.”

    Agrarianism and Technology

    “I saw a chef on a television show one time that used a hand whisk to beat eggs. Why would he use a hand whisk when beautiful and expensive electric egg-beaters are available to enable him to save time? The chef said that he used the hand whisk because it made the eggs lighter and fluffier and allowed him to have better control of the texture of the final product.”

    “So, let’s get this straight… virtually every intelligent and sentient being makes value decisions about their use of different technologies and how they fit into their particular worldview, and how those things are used in the process of work. This is a fact. If other men are free to make value decisions (according to their worldview) about the technologies they embrace and accept, why then are we attacked for doing the same thing?”

    “As we have previously shown, Agrarians are not anti-technology, nor do we reject all technology. A frying pan is technology; a plow is technology; a shovel is technology. We all use technology and Agrarians do not at all universally reject technology. What we reject is the presupposition that all technology is good or at the least “morally neutral”. Because we reject (or are moving away from) some technologies as harmful to ourselves, our families, our way of life and our worldview, does not make us anti-technology.”

    “A device or technology may shorten the amount of time necessitated by a certain job, but they do not “save time” at all. There is no “time bank” where saved time is deposited. We all just go do something else.”

    “The fact is that the average family has dozens (even hundreds) of time-saving devices that must be bought, maintained, and serviced (usually by debt). It takes at least two incomes to maintain all of the time-saving devices and advanced technologies! Unhappily, people in the time-saving society have less true relaxation and leisure time than those in the generations before the advent of the industrial society.”


    “I have told you that the majority of all people alive in the world today have “colonized minds”. The decolonization process is painful and difficult, but it takes nothing short of a revolution to overthrow the illegitimate system that currently rules over the colonized mind and heart. The next chapter is about this wonderful and needful revolution.”


    Thanks for posting this. I will definitely need to pick up this book.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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