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    From the producers of the Sunrise Celebration

    Sunrise: Off Grid

    20th-23rd August

    On an Organic Farm in Somerset

    A Transition Festival

    A Deep exploration of community living, creativity and consciousness produced by the Sunrise team.

    Learn to live beyond the system, create a new economy, generate your own power, eat from nature, sit in ceremony, design the future, walk on hot coals and move beyond your perceived limits.

    Marvel at earth’s mysteries, Rebirth your wild side.

    Evolve and revolve around love, celebration and joy.

    A participatory family focused camp with:-

    Expert speakers and facilitators



    3 Music Venues

    Art installations

    Temple space

    Innovative Performance

    Kids Area and Activities across the site

    And loads more…

    Hot showers, sweat lodge, saunas and hot tubs.

    Site wide organic, local, food and drink.

    Family friendly vibe.

    All powered by micro generation of entirely clean, renewable energy.

    Sunrise off grid is run by a Community Interest Company, building a world beyond monetary profit.

    Tickets on sale from April 15th 2009

    £75 Adult/£25 Kids

    Available through Bristol Ticket Shop

    0845 108 0259

    Info: 0845 009 4463


    Sunrise Off Grid Camp

    Transition times

    Sunrise goes Off-Grid from 20th-23rd August 2009 on a gorgeous organic site in Somerset. This new camp is a deep exploration of community living, creativity and consciousness, with hands-on activities, talks, workshops, performance, music, art and celebration.

    The event will be participatory and family focused, exploring the emergent culture of environmental awareness and the ways in which everyone can create a sustainable future together. Times are changing and knowledge is growing of the human impact on the natural world and upon each other. Off-grid will explore humanities potential to improve the lives of everyone on this planet.

    “Creating a festival is like building and servicing a small town, then taking it down again, all in the space of a month. In the process we can explore solutions that can be applied in our everyday lives and throughout the world. For this event we will be moving away from using bio diesel generators, and working on micro generation of power from solar, wind, cycle and possibly hydro power, and aiming to use that power really efficiently”, said Dan Hurring, Sunrise Spokesperson.

    Off Grid is about creating a space for empowerment, where festival goers will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience on the steps that need to be taken to increase energy efficiency. There will be lots of practical information, from how to make a boiler use less fuel to installing a wind generator. Whether the dream is an inner city vegetable patch or living on the land, Off Grid will be a showcase of what is possible and available to everyone, no matter what their lifestyles.

    As a family focused event Off Grid will have loads of activities for children, with a kids’ village and fun workshops especially tailored for them on how they can help their families help the environment. They are the ones who will inherit the planet and the knowledge and information on how to look after it is something that can be given to them right now.

    “We are really excited about Off-Grid, and are looking forward to an event that is inspiring, fun and radical, where we can all journey together into a Greener future. So bring along the whole family to eat from nature, sit in ceremony, design the future, walk on hot coals and move beyond your perceived limits. It’s an opportunity to marvel at earth’s mysteries, Rebirth your wild side, or just relax and soak up that famous Sunrise vibe of love, celebration and joy”.

    Off-grid will be powered by clean, renewable energy, with site wide organic food and drink, compostable packaging, plates and cutlery, and numerous other initiatives making this the Greenest event of the year. Sunrise Off Grid is run by a Community Interest Company, CIC’s invest their profits back into the community, building a world beyond monetary profit.

    Tickets: Adults £75 in advance/Kids £25

    Info: 0845 0094463 – off-grid@sunrisecelebration.com


    Sunrise: Off Grid

    20th-23rd August

    On a beautiful site in somerset

    A Transition Festival

    Tickets NOW £55 Low Paid/Unwaged (At your discretion!)/£75 Full Price Adult/£20 Kids

    + Parking

    We are coming to the End of our Age.

    With environmental and economic disaster hovering, with resources running low and our peoples locked into seemingly endless war and conflict, apparently unable to overcome the barriers of national interest, racism, sexism and other base things, the time has come to embrace solutions.

    Whether its the End of the Age of Oil or the End of Time itself, our duty as stewards of Planet Earth is to consciously step forward into a new world, forging the future and reconnecting with our Home.

    We are the architects of our realities and we are responsible for shaping our worlds!

    Off-Grid is a deep exploration of community living, creativity and consciousness produced by the Sunrise team. Learn to generate your own power, Eat from nature, sit in ceremony, design the future, walk on hot coals and move beyond your perceived limits. Marvel at earth’s mysteries, Rebirth your wild side. Evolve and revolve around love, celebration and joy. Click here to purchase tickets.

    Off-Grid is a chance to refine your skills and define your value as a participant in a sustainable future. An intimate environment in which to share skills, trade knowledge, impart wisdom and make a difference. Four days out of the world to get into changing our world. In a world teetering on the brink of disaster can we afford not to?

    A participatory and family focused camp, with international speakers, forums, workshops, art installations, temple space and performance. Exploring emergent culture and the ways in which we can create together. With special guest, Nick Rosen, author of ‘How to Live Off-Grid’. Click on logo for info.

    Featuring 6 World-Themes to explore:-

    Dynamix: Develop your voice, find your rhythm, discover your dance.

    Apocalyptix: Build a raft to ride the rising tide of rapid change.

    Divinatrix:A psychedlic symposium for shamans, shape shifters, psychics, seers and all who seek the consciousness of creativity.

    Creatrix: Get your hands dirty, learn practical skills, Build a better world.

    Sharpen skills, embrace crafts and sharing the know how for success in a post-consumer society.

    The Al-Cademix: Magic & Adventure School for Kids & Teens

    Ecologix: Sustainable Community, Permaculture & living on the land

    Exploring the green vision for the Blue Planet

    Other Features Include:-

    2 Music Venues

    The Maloca: Open Space Discussion Hub

    The Post-Economic X-Change

    Transition Towns Hub & Sustainable Communities

    Lost Horizons Sauna + Open Workshop Space

    Kids Playground

    Permaculture Garden

    Healing Area

    Mass Site-wide Games

    Luxury Camping with Hearthworks & Bell Tents UK

    Getafix Medical Centre: Off-Grid Herbalism and First Aid

    Tipi Circle

    Temple Spaces


    Hot showers, sweat lodge, saunas and hot tubs. Site wide organic, local, food and drink. Family friendly vibe. All powered by micro generation of entirely clean, renewable energy. Tickets: Adults £55-75 in advance/Kids £20


    The New Sunrise Currency! An experiment in local currency

    Barter Markets

    Alternative & Experimental Economic Systems

    Landshare: Common Land for All

    Common Law and Free Men

    Recycling, Freecycling and Freeconomies


    The Imagi-Nation

    Transition Towns

    Eco & Spiritual Communities

    The Post-Oil World

    2012 Theory and Science

    Post-Revolutionary Cities


    Build a Horsedrawn Wagon

    Generate your own power: Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

    Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival

    Green Crafts


    Convert your Camper

    Composting and Compost Loos

    Forest School for Kids & Teens


    Planning Law

    Off-Grid Living

    Plant Law and Practice



    Urban Food and Farming


    Entheogens & Consciousness

    Ancient Cultures

    Visionary Art

    Astrology and the Divinatory Arts

    Meditation, Tai Chi and the Magical Arts




    Teenage Initiations

    Exploring Death and Dying

    Ecstatic Dance and Movement

    Overtoning and Voice Workshops


    Live Music from Los Albertos, Seize the Day and many more…

    2 Music & Performance Venues

    Fireside Jams

    Adult and Full Participatory Games

    Playspace for Kids

    Yummy Sauna

    Participatory Walkabout and Activities

    Intentional Dance

    Great food and drink

    Sunrise: Off-Grid is a participatory experience. There is no audience. Bring with you what you expect to find and leave no trace behind!

    Tickets available through Bristol Ticket Shop:-

    0845 108 0259

    Info: 0845 009 6347

    Sunrise off grid is run by a Community Interest Company, building a world beyond monetary profit.


    Hi All!

    Less than 2 weeks to go until Off-Grid and we are soooo excited. The list of workshops and talks is one of the best we have ever seen, and it really captures what we want to achieve with this event!!! See the list at the bottom of this page…

    And don’t forget, its not all about the workshops, theres also plenty of amazing music on the various solar stages, Lost Horizons Sauna, mass Games, kids area, healing and sooooooooooooo much more!!

    Tickets are still available at £55 or £75 for adults

    There is a brilliant new video about Sunrise: Off Grid produced by Brian Viziondanz and Gungho Media which you can view at the link below. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


    Here is the run down of confirmed speakers and workshops (more or less)…:- REMEMBER, these are the WORKSHOPS ONLY and there are more to come!!


    – Introduction to Bee-Keeping

    – Contact Improvisation Workshop

    – Introduction to Off-Grid Living Meet & Greet Session

    – Rocket Stove Workshops

    – Andy Thomas: The Truth Agenda – Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-Ups and 2012 Prophecies.

    – Caroline Barry: Strawbail Building and Planning Legislation

    Creatrix – Craft and Practical Skills

    – Renewable Energy Workshops: Solar stirling engines, wind turbines, etc.

    – Stonecarving

    – Herbcraft

    – Neolithic Pottery

    – Astrology

    – Camper Van Converting

    – Pole Lathing and Furniture Making

    – Sewing and Fixing

    – Wild Food Foraging

    – Renewable Science, power and more with Arc Village

    Ecologix – Sustainable Community and Theory

    Emma Chance – Introduction to Permaculture

    Patrick Whitefield – The Permaculture Roots of Transition

    Chris Black – Planning Law & The Plotgate Community Project

    Herbwalks with Helen Rideout

    Common Law & The Tyting Community Farm Project

    Andrew Johnson: Transition Medicine

    Cara Naden: Eco Up your Home

    Sharon Pollitt: Land Roots:-Land Share and Common Ownership

    Clare Adamson: Urban Growing: Community Solutions

    James Adamson: Gardeners Question Time: Organic horticulture & permaculture

    Dan Hurring: Festivals in Transition – The End of the Age of Oil and the Future of Festivals

    Presenter TBC: Alternative Schooling

    Green Parent Magazine: Sustainable Parenting

    Tom Chance: Forest Gardening

    Natalie Fee: Empowerment & Everyday Alchemy


    Ben Brangwyn: An Introduction to Transition Towns

    Jon Harris: Lawful Rebellion

    & more TBC…

    Apocalyptix & The Divinatrix

    William Bloom: Developing your Prana

    Jonathan Cainer: Psychic Time Travel & Q&A

    Mark Heley: The Emerging Science of 2012

    Brian Viziondanz: Social Acupuncture: Activism for the New Millenium

    William Bloom & Theo Simon: Spiritual Activism

    Nathan Lewis Williams: The Still Point of the Turning World (TBC)

    Nathan Lewis Williams: The Cosmic Chord – An Introduction to the Science of Harmonics and the Music of the Spheres

    Simon Harwood: The real science of Free Energy

    Peter Taylor: Climate and Deception

    Benjamin Crystal: The Tree Source Foundation

    Jon Atkinson: Entheogencia

    David Luke: Death and the Thousand eyed God

    Shaun Kirwan: What on Earth is Dowsing?

    Also talks on Codex Alimentarius, Manifestation, psychic development and more…


    Mark Burton and Ben Brangwyn: The Totnes Pound

    Martin Simon (Director Time Banks UK): The story of Time Banking in Britain

    John Rogers (Director Value for People): Alternative views to the Current Global Economy – the Impact of Spirituality, Psychology and Group Process

    Mark Boyle – Freeconomy/Living without Money

    Avalon Fairshares: Introduction to local currencies and trading systems + the Sunrise currency

    “Time For Community” Workshops: An Introduction to The Co-production Imperative.

    “Time For Community” Workshop: A Brief History Of Time … Banking.

    “Time For Community” Workshops: The Space Academy.

    The Al-Cademy: For kids of all Ages

    Kids Yoga

    Forest School

    Daily Den Building Workshops

    Living Instruments

    Storytelling Theatre with Deor

    Puppet Making

    Designing the Future

    Sexuality & Male Initiation

    Poetry Slam

    Kids Nutrition

    Recycled Science, pedal generators and LED Windmills

    Dynamix – Voice, Movement and Healing

    Tai Chi

    Massage & Movement

    Sacred Chant Music

    Finding your voice

    Song Writing

    Non-violent communication


    & more TBC

    The Maloca – Discussions, Forums & Sharing of the Creative Arts

    The End of the World? A discussion of 2012 theory and science

    After-Economics: What comes next?

    Festival Futures

    Transition Communities

    Entheogens & Consciousness

    Off-Grid Living

    The Imagi-Nation: Visioning our Future

    Story-Sharing Circle

    Bardic Circle

    Bhajan and Sacred Song Circle

    Song Sharing Circle

    Acoustic Circle

    & much more TBC

    Tickets still available at £55/£75 via the new website!


    your website’s theme is gorgeous and loving it. Your articles are awesome. Please continue posting

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