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    Nick Rosen

    Many people have no idea where to begin in getting storage foods. This will give you a good and healthy start:

    This is a guide for 2 people for about 3 years…

    Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat, figure about 500 lb would last 2 people about 3 years, comfortably (and a grain mill — we suggest this one… ).

    Organic Short Grain Brown Rice (Lundberg is a good brand) also, about 500 lb.

    Dehydrated vegetables from This is a great site. We get our tea there as well. The dehydrated veges we get most from them are called “soup mix”. It does not contain any chemical flavorings or the like, just a mixture of healthy veges. It’s about $6 a pound and that lasts us at least a month. Check out the whole sfherb site…they also sell dried fruits, etc.

    Legumes of your choice, also about 500 lb total. Any combination of lentils, anaszi beans (highest nutrition in a bean), pinto beans, etc.

    Torbinado Sugar 100 lb per year

    Sea Salt (has iodine and other minerals in it – you will need that) 100 lb per year.

    Food grade barrels are the best thing to put dried food into, but new they’re kinda expensive

    ($85 for a 55 gallon barrel, used $10). If you look around you’ll find a food manufacturer or restaurant that has used ones for cheap. Also look at dairies for used barrels. We have large (35 and 55 gallon) plastic barrels that we keep ours in, have done so for several years, with only bay leaves in with the foods and have had no problems with bugs, etc.

    What you DON’T want to get is prepared foods, like MREs, Costco Survival Food Buckets, etc. They are full of things like high fructose corn syrup, extreme sodiums, GMO foods, msg, tvp — these are not things that will keep you healthy. In fact, if you are eating those things now, you should cut down on them and eventually stop.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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