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    Hello all first post.

    So please bear with my rambling.

    I tend to jump from place to place when I type what I am thinking.


    It seems I have found a large snag in my plans to move out of the lower 48. And up to places further northwest and closer to my heart.

    I thought it was as simple as finding a suitable place to rest my feet and make a little pocket change.

    Then I got into looking at passport fees, immigration applications, permanent resident status… etc..

    3+ year waiting list for class b skilled workers,only so many positions allowed for said job type per year, etc.

    Maybe I should visit first.

    I want to move to lakes and mountians in central or northern BC.

    But if I go to just be a tourist.

    That is just what I will be.

    Here in the States it seems very hard and getting harder to break the ice with people. At least that is my expierience.

    (I am not the most socially gracefull person )

    But espcially since you ARE a tourist and just a quick buck that will be gone in a few days.

    How does one go about getting work or even room and board for labor if you are not a Canadien citizen?

    I am not scared of hard work. But I do want to be able to enjoy the pristine nature that engulfs the area after A hards days work.

    And not be so stressed out all the time.

    The only people I know from Canada are gamers I have had the pleasure of meeting while playing Everquest2 online.

    I have not mentioned that I want to move to them.

    And only briefly to my family. They think I am nuts to want almost complete solitude in my life.

    Not that finding a nice down to earth woman with a good head on her shoulders. And is not preoccupied with the material things would not thaw me a good bit.

    Spaeking of which.

    I am a 38 year old, single, white male with a good head on his shoulders.

    I do not drink or smoke or do any kind of drugs other than the occasional aspirin.

    I am not a religious man. But I am spiritual in the sense that I do unto others as I would have them do unto me.

    I will not get into why I so badly want to do this.

    Society, media,urban sprawl,crime, stupid people in general…. etc.

    Something is just calling me to pick up and move northwest.

    I recently responded to some classified ads for caretaker work.

    I got no response.

    I assume because I am not a citizen

    Or because I did not go into details about my work history.

    Anywhoos. I will be picking everyones brains here that is a Canadien citizen.

    I plan on making a road trip late spring of 2011 from Columbus, Ohio to either BC or places in the Lower 48 as far west as I can go for about a month and see what there is west of the Mississippi.

    Hopefully I will find HOME.

    Or maybe I will find that HOME is where I have been all along.

    See you all around.

    Omek the Wanderer.

    AKA Patrick.


    Omek – Welcome

    I’m not in Canada, I’m an hour and a half from the border. I just wanted to point out there are places like you are looking for in the lower 48 close to the Canadian border.

    On your road trip try to look at the Pacific Northwest, or Montana, or Idaho. I don’t know much about the East, but I’ve been told upstate NY and the great lakes area can also be what you described you are looking for.

    Cheers, Reboot2009


    Thanks ReBoot.

    I will certainly be visiting that area of the country if only in passing.

    I do not know much about Montana.

    But from what I have gathered so far.

    The desirable areas in the other states you mentioned are way out of affordability for me.

    The economy appears to be working against the middle class here.

    And I do not see it improving for me in the near future.

    I admit I also do not know about Canada’s economy or much about it’s politics / government.

    But I do not read a whole lot of bad about it either in the news.

    Wish I could say so much for the direction The USA seems to be heading.

    I know you can’t speak on where you are not or have not been physically.

    I mentioned to another member here that I am a little overwhelmed with all the things I never really thought about pursuing seriously unitl last month or so.

    But I also have other concerns.

    For instance. Are there wildfires in BC like there are in Oregon,, Washington, California Montana, Idaho, Utah?

    I would hate to get rooted and get shelter built only to have it destroyed by a kid with a brian fart on a campsite.

    Are there better than remedial jobs in those areas compared to the cost of living?

    I do know that there is a beetle problem killing trees all over the rockies.

    and firewood is cheap.

    But I never hear about large wildfires further north.

    Uggh I am rambling again.

    Info overload! heheh.



    Omek last things first. Yes we do have wild fires. Go here to see.

    Someone with an off-grid focussed website bought land in WA that had recently been burned over. 10 years later its in pretty good shape. Go here

    Arecent burn over is less likely to have new fires next year or the next.

    Don’t believe everything you hear or see in the news. These journalists are simply trying to put the most sensationalist spin on any story.

    Work! What makes you think anybody other than the very rich are going to have a nice future now that guys like Begoff has absconded with the money leaving the working people holding the empty bag? Having recently travelled down into the states I can say we are better off here than you guys are down there.

    But seriously, why expect somebody else to create a job for you? It ain’t gonna happen in the next decade. The really rich guyes have taken care of that by exporting the domestic manufacturing sector to China. What you get is what you make for yourself.

    If you plan to go off grid you are not part of the system in any case so why worry? I know half a dozen people who were born stateside but are now living here. Buy some land, call it a hunting camp, its legal.

    You say the desirable land down in the lower 48 is already spoken for – Guess what? Its the same up here and in most cases its owned by Yankees. So what’s the difference?

    Work permits etc. Har Har Har! I was a certified Engineering Technologist in Ontario but moved to BC in my RV. Guess what? BC told me I wasn’t a resident because I lived in an RV. And they refuse to recognize my Ontario engineering certificates. Never mind the fact I was working in Vancouver etc. so I asked our IRS department what to do when filing income tax. They said just file as a Canadian working abroad not as a BC resident. That saved me about $5K in taxes. Go figure.

    As for working. If you can demonstrate you can handle the job quite often they don’t bother asking for papers. I do and they don’t. Times are hard all over. But generally I think we will recover better and faster up here.

    Elnav A canadian born in Europe.

    Nick Rosen

    And so the exodus begins. Canada is still a sovereign nation until the North American Union kicks in soon.. then we are all, from Mexico to the Arctic serfs to corporate fascists.. then global government..two new currencies, middle class..just impoverished as every other less established nation or failed state due to the global corporate regime.. a 4th Reich..aided by our illustrious elected corporate sucking leaders and politicians running a scam while the jaws of oppression close on our collective necks. You can’t escape to any where not you natural country. Thats illegal alien in American, and punishable by imprisonment and deportation. Fines. Deep trouble. You don’t need more troubles we all got plenty already.. most are asleep at the wheel. Drunk on excess credit and crushing debt.

    Maine is a nice place. I’m moving just north of the border from here the western province of Oilberka. We choke from wild fires every year worse and worse..Montana same.. East is in oil industries and other areas. Lush forests.. I assume and thats stupid of me I know.. surely they haven’t cut every tree yet ? Alternative energy is a growing industry with plenty of opportunities there. Being retired and just purchasing 14 acres with marketable skills for a crashed economic situation.. gold reserves.. I don’t expect to guarantees grid is best..might have to die fighting to keep my land but thats not a new game either among the elites who over reach now arrogantly ignoring our cries of foul. We voices in a wilderness of stupid and delusional happy slaves to banks etc.. betrayed by corrupted politicians colluding to create a police state. Privatize our resources and then impoverish us and reduce the population globally via the same old means.. disease manufactured in corporate labs, wars, riots, hunger from collapsed agriculture. Failed currencies.It seems the dictum among the fascists is just kill them. Them being us, the people who dare to resists or complain. it’s a horrific crime against nature and humanity unfolding.

    Might be too late for us all bud. I empathize with your feelings there.. At least I will die happy in a forest paradise free.

    Pretty depressing stuff. SO focus on Maine. Hook up there with the people. I think you will find them sympathetic and helpful. Soon enough will be no border here any more.. 9/11 served it’s purpose in many ways.. if you think Muslims were behind that horror.. sorry..not so..they are the scape goats of this’s Bush, the face for the corporate fascists who are behind the entire global melt down and coming depression, hiding in Patagonia or some where building a fortress for his Nazi loving sorry ass, he knows he will be found out sooner or’s just the very stubborn denier who still believe it was an attack from foreign terrorists. Osamma probably having beers with his buddy George right now..too many connections to ignore now.

    I have read posts on other sites where Americans are telling other Americans not to expect a warm welcome in Canada..can’t just march in and squat any where here any more :) BC is shit hole. East man.. red pink pollution where i am just north..clean fresh air.

    I see the NB oil money is going to turn NB into another Oilberka..another oil slick sewer. :(

    Pray for meteor strikes :) pole shifts and take yer chances.. be better than the near future when the masks come off.

    It’s global. One world government about to pounce. Get ready. I see urban warfare and riots, mobs..just like the video prophecies :) like movies, the visionary speaks through imagery.

    good luck. We all going to need that soon enough. Will..Or apply for skilled worker visa in Alberta.. but Im gettin outta here man.. it’s too much like your bible in bum poo for brains..fanatics..Bush lovers.. wanna be yankees.. find your self back in the USA soon there anyway. :)

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