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    Hello, Does anyone know how long you can legally stay in a camper van for on your own land (non residential) in the UK England/Wales?


    Check out your local Planning and Zoning…I would assume they have that government function in your area…


    You can stay in your van for as long as you want. It’s your land, and just because you’re not on the grid doesn’t mean that you don’t have rights.


    Are you sure Justjen?

    I was under the impression that you could only live on your own land without planning permission for a total of 28 in a year

    I could be wrong



    ring the council and ask them :)


    It really depends on the zoning of where your property is located, some properties have underlying Covenants, [normally created by the original developers] whereby might specify a certain time period for temporary living while building a home..

    If your property is located in a remote area, called NO RESTRICTIONS, and does not have any “COVENANTS” then you are King of your own Land…build an outhouse or do whatever you’d like..

    Not to worry too much over old covenants though… especially if there is NO property management or boards active to maintain roads etc. where your property is located..

    In some cases, there exist ole covenants that were intended for further devolpement that never came about, prehaps from lack of developer funds, or for whatever reasons..thus the underlying covenants, though maintained within title searches upon lands, are basically “dead-file” issues…

    Rule of Thumb, is to simply talk with your surrounding neighbors, to get the inside track, and what’s Okay to do and not do.. God bless!


    In England it totally depends on the local authority of the area that the land is in. I’d give you about 2 weeks before someone from the local council turns up to ask what you are up to. However, you are allowed up to 28 days in a year to do something that doesn’t require planning permmision. If you put in a planning application for a caravan on a temporary basis (up to 3 years) the council now have to prove that there is another site or home that they can move you to, otherwise, in most cases, they will have to grant you perimmision (temporary).

    If you have over 4 hectares (no mimimum if a forest) you can put in what is referred to as a ’28-day notification’ this allows you to build barns, lay hardstanding, polytunnels etc. All the council can do is comment on your plans – they can’t refuse them. If you have less than 4 hectares you could always ask a neighbour if they can say that you rent a bit of land off them to make it up to 4 hectares (eg you don’t have to own the full 4 hectares).

    The main key to achieving this is your neighbours, if one of them kicks up a fuss there is a greater liklehood that the planning department will enforce action sooner. So if you keep it ‘low-key’ and are nice and polite to the local land-owners – you might just get away with it.

    Good luck!


    I live in France off-grid in a caravan, I just bought my property and was amazed at all I had to do in order to get “Permission” to do what I wanted to do on “MY” land. It turns out that I can legally live in my caravan for 3 months a year and after that I would need permission from the Maire that would expire in 3 years.

    I lucked out and the folks there are super cool and gave me permission for the 3 years, Yurts are another great way to duck Planning permission problems if you need a “LOOP HOLE”, I am putting a yurt up after Xmas.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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