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    Hello all, I am new to this forum and wondered if anyone could be of assistance.

    Me and a couple of friends have decided we want to start an eco community. The low land prices in Bulgaria makes it seem like the perfect place, plus the climate is better than in the UK.

    I would like any information regarding Bulgaria really, and if this kind of thing would be possible there.

    Although this plan is in the earliest stages at the moment, we would like interested parties to get in touch. Just to share ideas and help in the whole planning process, it’s a big task and would move along easier with more hands.


    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Best wishes



    We started to look for a place in BG about 2 years ago.  Bg is a diverse country, the landscape can change from flat plain to mountains it just 20 minutes driving, so choosing where to live can be interesting.  Also the weather is Mediterranean in the south and in the north it can be dominated by the cooler weather from the north.  So summers can be 40 dec and the winters -20 dec.

    The people are wonderful but you have to realise that they survived being invaded by various empires and communist era dominated by the USSR.  The country feels like its stuck in the 1950’s but with internet access.  The village houses all have land 1000m to 2500m would cover most of them. They are very self reliant and reuse nearly everything, but they are not “eco,” friendly and would find an “eco community,” very funny/odd.

    Best thing to do is fly into Plovdiv, hire a car and drive around.  Don’t go by estate agents prices they are inflated. Every village has old abandoned houses for sale.  I came to look at 2 houses and by the end of the day I had seen 8 houses!


    Hey, have you gone to Bulgaria yet?

    I was just doing some research online; I’m trying to figure out if there any sort of visa issues or what not surrounding going to Bulgaria to buy land and go off grid. Nothing, it seems, has anything tangible or trustworthy. Also, how are prices looking?

    Or is anyone in Bulgaria off grid?


    Hi sdimelow,

    We may be interested in Bulgaria. We have bulgarian friends and an english uncle who bought a house there. Seems to be very many less restrictions for living how you want to.  Check this out if you’re interested we should talk:



    I was only showing my better half houses and their prices in Bulgaria  a cpl of days ago , I had the exact same thought as you ! what a great opportunity the land is cheap and there is lots to choose from , ok you will have to move from your friends and family but life is full of change and why not make a huge change like that one

    My thoughts on the topic were plenty , how much money will i need to get started , are the materials needed to set up available there , will the locals accept you , what are their laws and building regs like , also can we do it on our own ????

    i think a community is a great idea with everyone helping each other with different skills and knowledge how could it go wrong , although a look into the laws is a must and alot of preparation is required

    lee & kerry

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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