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    I’ve been told to look around and compare. But I don’t know the differences in solar panel manufacturers and equipment. Also, how does the financing work? Do I need a 8,000 credit score to qualify?I found this site- which is pretty good…I mean I just want to find a site that has enough info for me to consider solar.


    Solar power can be used in different way like solar power generator, solar panels and other alternative solar energy. I been reading different solar articles.



    How about helping us to help you by telling us where you are planning to install the solar panel how much power you think you might need and how you plan to store energy for when the sun doesn’t shine on cloudy days.


    A site where I got a lot of education was from as we were growing our system They have some good info there and I bought most of my equipment there. I write a blog about my affordable small system and have a page with links to solar information at

    As far as financing I’d say that would have to do with your loan process. A good credit score does help and also many states as well as the federal government have assistance for putting in systems. I will research some and see what I can dig up and do a blog post about it. My system was small to start with so we have just paid as we added to it.


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    The solar Power is very much utilizing now a days. These days the solar power is using for various applications such as with the help of solar cookers, using for cooking, generating power as the power is lacking, it is used in large extent and capable of performing the task in less budget compared with other fuels. Not only these the goods used by many of us are made up of this solar power. Could you please provide some more attachmetn links for the detailed view?

    energy finance

    solar lease


    financing……. a huge consideration to keep in mind is the secondary mortgage market does not buy mortgages for homes that are not ” tied to public utility” so as proud as you may be about being/ or going to be off the grid conceal this info from a banker. an appraiser will not be able to look at the solar gear and determine if its grid tie or off grid.

    get you construction loan and roll it to a mortgage. you can say you need x amount for solar just don’t say off the grid. say grid tie.

    depending on the state you are in each state has different tax credits available for solar. as well as some federal. but i think most of the federal expired 2011. just search state with energy or solar tax credits and see what comes up. wyoming also has a grant program. covering 30 percent of the cost of the system if you are chosen. there are only 29 grants available so it is lottery style. you can not purchase or install until you have received the grant. unfortunately the drawing is 2nd monday in june which limits your season to purchase and install. I’ve tried to get them to recognize the solar season be having the grant lottery in january or march so winners can benefit more in there first year.

    good luck

    p.s. always pad you project by at least 20% so you don’t come up short on money near the end

    peace gordo

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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