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    Useful links to several organisations co-ordinating resistance to the Smart Grid.

    Its a giant propaganda exercise to cement the Utilities into place at a time when we should be ending their century-long hegemony. No chance of the politicians ever doing that however.


    The huge country wide grid is a waste of copper, steel and aluminum. It is vulnerable in several ways. The so called smart grid is an excuse to charge customers more.

    What gets me is that the people on the grid get billed a monthly fee even if they use zero electricity. Also, those people who have gone to a more expensive grid tied alternative power system get paid only a percentage of the rates for excess power generated and sold to the utilities.

    The grids should be broken up into local grids with locally generated power, and independent home alternative energy systems should be encouraged, too.

    It makes me glad I have been on a totally independent solar electric system for 14 years.

    I wonder if the electric companies charge you if you want their power removed. I wouldn’t doubt they would try to screw you there, too.


    Every utility be it gas, electricity, or water charges a connection fee but sometimes they have a different name for it. So regardless of how much or little you use, there is that basic fee. I have on occasion at various locations told them to disconnect me. If you simply refuse to pay they simply cut you off. But if you are already disconnected how can they cut you off.

    I know of one homeowner who told the utility to remove their equipment. If you simply pull the disconnect switch (breaker) you also go off grid.


    Right now we are renting. A smart meter was installed two months ago. Surprisingly our measured power consumption is lower now than before.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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