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    The forum is now back to normal working (I hope) and apologies all round – a huge amount of spam recently filled our database to the maximum allowed by the Web hosting company and with no warning we were cut off.

    As a result we now think it wiser to move to a different host – which may mean a bit more disruption down the line – but thanks to you all for staying with us –


    Thanks for the hard work. I had good experiences with Dreamhost, it’s a smaller pro-liberty company that handles sites with controversial speech. The service was great, Word press migration is simple and the service was cheap. That said I had very little traffic but my site was always up and had good loading speed.

    That said, replies indicated as happened by the counter are still absent from many threads and script issues are popping up.

    Edit: Nevermind, Replies from the last few days are absent but new ones are appearing. Good job.

    Good luck :)


    I saw the spam and wished i had the ability to delete it.. maybe the next site will allow monitors / volunteers


    It wasn’t as much the visible spam as it was the way the site takes care of the spam, it removes most of it, keeps it from showing, BUT it is still in the database instead of being completely deleted, that is what filled the database and caused the outage. You would be shocked to know how many spammers sign up on this site each day.



    I use for my web stuff. They have VPS services that I use, I run my own debian linux installation and my own web services.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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