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    I have a small 6 acre farm amongst large amish and mennonite farms with the 2000 foot appalachian mountains behind me across my trout stream running thru my farm. I have a creek, spring, well and trout stream, so there is always gonna be plenty of water and Pennsylvania is number 2 for states with water “flowing” above ground year round. We get plenty of summer rains too. Also all the gas fracking is 4 counties north of me so my water will always be clean and our farms here are mostly all in conservation / preservation. I bought this last yr with a 10 yr mortgage. I have 9 yrs left. I would love to have another single person who wants to help me finish this place. I want to build a wellhouse, smokehouse, carriagehouse and covered bridge. I have much of the materials stacked behind my old 1820’s home which i have rebuilt. I have the rootcellar and storage and fireplace in basement as well as a all wood heated home. I have 1/2 acre of cleared land which i had a 1/4 acre garden this yr and canned and stored many many things for winter. Now its up to finding a serious soul who wants to work hard and finish this place so we can get down to living off-grid. My electric bills run about 14.00 a month plus phone which has dsl. So now its up to you to see my site and make a decision to contact me and start a conversation. Oh it is rustic here since i have no indoor plumbing except a spring in basement.

    PS: I have lived in many communes around the usa since a teen in the 60’s and know all about living off-grid.


    Oh wow its beautiful there ! I wish you the best of luck =]


    still waiting for someone interested in here. If you go to my site you will see the wellhouse i just built. I made it look like it has always been there over a 100 yrs.. keeping it rustic looking keeps my taxes lowww


    I can completely understand and appreciate doing things to keep your taxes low, looks like you have a pretty good thing going on there, keep up the good work, hope you are successful in finding someone to share all of that with you.



    BUMP .. oh i finished my wellhouse.. See my site




    bump .. still an opening check out my gardens progress pics at my site too


    Ok i just built a logcabin outhouse and it looks great. Click on my site here to see pictures ..

    I also had a helper leave to go back to college and a female teacher from belgium who thought she could handle the rustic lifestyle but left after one day.. luckily i had rebuilt an old schoolhouse for a couple this past feb and she went there to their new home..

    Well if any people like the rustic life get back to me


    Dealing with humanure = pee and poo….

    I think if you can poo in a bucket and deal with that you are on your way to living off grid. My poo buckets which are two months old are filled with bugs eating away at it and it like 50% lighter. Bugs can really compost human manure real fast in an enclosed bucket. In the winter time i burn mine in the woodstove. I use newspaper to poo on in my portapotty and then toss it right into the fire. My portapotty is just a small camper toilet with a elder chair riser with handles. The riser lets me clean it and the portapotty lets me line it with a plastic bag with some holes punched thru for the pee to go into. I then use the pee with woodash and sawdust or woodscraps to compost my food scraps to be used for later to fertilize around fruit trees. I guess one doesn’t have to add the food scraps but i do since it sometimes has bones etc etc. The urine is a great nitrogen and the decomposting wood and ash with it makes for a great total fertilizer…..

    Yes dealing with this basic human element is the best way to start to learn to live off grid because if your putting in a expensive septic system well your taxes will go up and if you even have a composting toilet and bathroom your taxes will go up but if your living in a no indoor plumbing building your taxes will stay low. Then you want to be sure you are dealing with this element properly. Master your poo and pee and you have taken the first step to going off grid…..

    PS: Many think they can just bury it but if your in a region with lots of rain it can and will get into your well and water systems “over time” Especially if you have a few people there.


    Greetings: I want to tell you this: you are bless, you have a property in the perfect spot, with all the water you need, we are looking for a place like that where we can grow. My husband design a system we call VERMAFARMING, and is great, the plants grow so fast, looks so good and taste so good and so juicy.

    Well I wish you the best with this place, and God bless your mother, my mother is 56 and my mother in law 76.




    Please if you know some one in your area who needs a partner, we are looking for a Investor/Partnership, where he puts the land and the money to start and we put our plan and work.

    Keep in touch OK!

    This is what I post, so you have an idea of what we looking for…


    Greetings and Blessings,

    My name is Daiana Roman.

    We are a couple of experienced farmers and we try to found a Investor/Partnership and a Place where we can grow.

    My husband has experience in general maintenance, carpentry, painting, he can fix everything in the farm. He is a committed Christian with a desire to help the poor, he grew up on his grandpa’s upstate New York farm, where he learned everything about animals and farming. He has gained a lot of experience in Urban- Farming, Aqua-Farming, Vermi-Farming, Hydro-Farming, in one word everything about Permaculture.I grew up helping my father, grandfather and uncles on their farms, and have worked with plants and animals all my life. I have experience in everything from seeding to harvest, and on the animal side about chickens, pigs, goats and cattle.

    He implements a 100 % organic / green system using no chemical fertilizers. – For his Vermi/Aquaponic system, he has designed a combination animal-aquaculture-vermiponic culture, 100 % organic, in a 24 hour cycle which produces year round, to enhance plant growth, and believe me, they grow faster and healthier, we call it VERMAFARMING.

    I wrote to many people and I get many answers but no one wants to work with us because we are poor, even our plan is 99% risk free, and my husband is working on it [VERMAFARMING SYSTEM] for the past 17 years of his 32 years of experience in Urban / Hydro-culture / Aqua-culture / Vermi-culture & Permaculture.

    Our dream is to some day to start a “CSA, Diversified, 100% Organic, 100% Green, Self-Sustaining Farm”, immediately, using my husband’s new and revolutionary VERMAFARMING SYSTEM to make a small fortune in around 5 years of hard work, with a Agri-Tourism, Recreational & Educational Programs Project for the future.We VERMAFARMING for 2 years in PR, but unfortunately we have only 1.5 acres, my husband say that he was doing Research with this little place and not producing in large scale as he wants, and now we know his VERMAFARMING SYSTEM is 100% ready to be profitably implemented.

    And believe me with his VermaFarming System, tomatoes and peppers are twice the size of the regular ones, the colors are brighter, and real juicy, the Lettuce is an A+ winner, so green, so taste and juicy, trust me our Experience in Artisanal Products Production is so special that we will win the Market real easy, plus with my VermaFarming will be very easy to obtain the GAP [Good Agricultural Practices], Combining our Livestock and Vegetable Production.

    If you like the idea and want to know more about your plan and make a small fortune contact me:

    Daiana [ _ ] Roman [ at ] mail [ dot ] com

    REMEMBER ! There is no limit to the “A CSA, Diversified, 100% Organic, 100%Green, Self-Sustaining Farm “with “A Agritourism, Recreational Plans” Project for the future !

    ! We Can Do It, And You Can Be Part Of this Great Opportunity!

    We will be praying the Lord will touch your heart and mind to take the right decision, and Consider our project as the one you want to be involve with it, and both parts get the best of it, and this will be the beginning of a Great Partnership in a Successful Business, and begging to knit together a new family in the Lord, becoming the number one Business in your Area!

    Best Regards.

    Daiana Roman

    “A New Sunrise Organic Farm”

    Your Little Piece of Heaven on Earth

    Pioneers of VERMAFARMING since 1995


    Growing A Greener World, Learning, Living & Sharing through Micro-Agriculture

    2 Cor. 9:10


    Your welcome to come join me in central pa at my farm. here is my site


    Please read and give input:

    I am open to finishing this place and then selling it to the amish and then go buy the 300 acre farm in Ky but i do need help or its going to take me another yr by myself.

    I would think people interested in gaining some equity would contact me for this wonderful chance. I am getting so close to being done (after 2 1/2 yrs of hard work and 67k invested so far) and if someone helps me get done then i can see the reason for then turning around selling here and buying a larger place like the farm in Ky.

    Myself as someone who has built their own place i suppose the only choice new people have is going to work for an established farm for a stipend and education or join someone who was recently in their shoes and help me finish here or find a group of people and hope by chance they are hard working people and you can buy and establish your own farm with your own money of course.

    If i am wrong please educate me. I am trying to work with people as it has been just me developing this farm while taking care of my mom.

    If no one wants to help then why should i sell and buy a larger farm in Ky to what then have to start over on a larger farm and be again forced to do it all by myself

    The main factor here has been the bathroom or lack of one. I just recently got the tank installed and the pipes going into it and the land created for the drain field and next its just a matter of building the addition and then making a composting toilet and adding a shower / gray water suystem thru the pipe and tanks etc etc and then this propertys value will jump up.

    Note i could be paying here for another 7 1/2 yrs or for an extra 350.00 a month and for 10 yrs verse 7 1/2 i could have 300 acres verse 6 acres.

    It seems to me someone wanting to help me and finish and sell and buy the 300 acres which has 3 houses on it and 2 barns whereas i had a broken down house here when i started would be a great offer but then again i am not you!

    Both properties have no septic but mine is almost done while the other one has no zoning or codes so septic isn’t an issue for having indoor plumbing like it is here in my county in Pa.

    anyway here i am sharing my heart and work making an offer to new people seeking to be a part of a farm wether large or small. Either help me here and we stay here or help me finish here and we sell and move to Ky and expand with 300 acres. Hey i am easy and life is good already but why is it so hard to get people to help? Do you all demand a bathroom with all the luxuries before you will work together?? maybe so .. time will tell.

    see my farm below at my site in signature

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