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    Web site visitor Rhonda Brady Rampy got in touch with me to say she is a big believer in salt.

    Even the Bible says that salt is a purifier. Got an infection? Use salt! If you gargle with salt water once a week you won’t get an abscess. Salt water goes where a tooth brush can’t!

    Got a scrape that is bleeding? Got an ingrown toe nail or fingernail that is infected? Soak it in salt water! Take an empty hair product spray bottle (if you use them), and fill it with salt water. Usually add 1/2 tsp per cup, but you can’t really use too much salt. Spray it on an injury or sore. It will even take away warts! Soak warts for 10-15 minutes each night, and the salt water kills the fungus!

    Thanks Rhonda!

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