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    Nick Rosen

    So like most of us we started this goal of being off-grid in a normal suburban house. But we were unhappy working in the city and living in suburbia the constant flow of waste being produced by us, our neighbors and the way of life around us had us depressed and constantly fighting illness. And truthfully we randomly saw the Michael Reynolds film Garbage Warrior.Now at that time my wife and I were not overly eco minded(I mean we recycled and drove vehicles with Ethanol motors but more because it was cheaper). And truthfully we were in a marital rut, but at the conclusion of the movie we began to talk in ways we hadn’t for awhile and we both had expressed our desire in the past of buying a farm but always thought of conventional farm structures and wasteful practices it opened our eyes to the realization that we could do it in a better way one more suited to harmonic living with the land. But we were and still are attached to the modern conveniences of electricity and heat as well as multimedia , a soft bed, a roof over our heads these are things we’ve known our whole life. We knew we couldn’t just go commando and give it all up we were suburbanites. So we compromised we got an rv and decided in May of ’11 to take a 1 year hiatus from working and travel the country seeking out off grid knowledge and trying to better our selves by being less wasteful and healthier in our lifestyle. It worked we met other like minded people in our travels and woof’ed at a green off-grid anarchistic artist collective in California where we were able to get some serious hands on experience with solar power, gardening, garbage reclamation and the ever important humane waste composting a vital thing in living off-grid. We also grew healthier due to the new lifestyle we quit eating fast foods and being sedentary. I lost 80 lbs my wife gained muscle and a real tan our relationship improved (we now spend all our time together when not working) whereas we used to avoid each other just to avoid arguing about money we have less of an income than ever before but also less expenses and fewer non essential purchases.Life is better for us we bought acreage and are planning to build soon and its all possible because of our rv it showed us that we didn’t need 4000 sq ft of home to be home that we had wasted so much time and energy trying to live the American dream of a house in the burbs and a two car garage with a Starbucks and McDonalds on the corner of a Walmart plaza at the end of the subdivision. That was only causing our quality of life to decline thru poor health. Who needs a gym membership when you need to chop wood and haul water. Hey if you read this thanks I had this all on my mind and needed to articulate it somewhere.


    Congratulations! Glad you watched “Garbage Warrior”. Building our Earthship really got us in shape back in 1999-2000. We have both a well and rain catchment for the plants. Totally off-grid, and a lot of heat is from the wood stove in winter. Still, we do not get enough exercise even with our short hikes and wood chopping, so bought a recumbent exercise bike.


    Hey congratulations. I left the city about 2 yrs ago. I had scrimped and saved every penny as my moms caregiver and finally bought a 6 acre farm with a house that was overrun by squirrels for over 20 yrs. I chased them out and rebuilt it and built a wellhouse and a loghouse outhouse and am finishing up a barn. My farm cost me 58k and 7k for another 1/2 acre that i needed for gardening. I live with amish and mennonites all around me and i love it. I still carry my water and compost my poo. Life is good. I get enough exercise around here for sure. I do some volunteer building in the winter time and donate a lot of food to needy people.

    check out my progress here..

    and there is a sweet parcel for sale nov 23rd if your up to central pa.

    it may go for as little as 55k since it only has an outhouse

    47 Acre Estate Farm / Subdivided into 3 Parcels – Selling at 1:00 PM

    Nestled in the ridges and valleys of rural Perry County 2 miles north of Eshol along Cherry Valley Rd, this secluded property has open and wooded land, a small stream and lots of secondary highway road frontage.

    Lot 1: 15.751 acres in Saville Township – 5 acres open field and 9 acres wooded with small stream located on the corner of Lyons Rd and Cherry Valley Rd erected thereon an early 19th Century two-story 6-room log home with stone fireplaces and other outbuildings including a log springhouse. This property is serviced with electric, on-site sewage and new perk test.

    Lot 2: 17.466 acres in Tuscarora Township – a total wooded sloping lot with road frontage on Cherry Valley Rd, selling with new perk. A beautiful site for your new home or cabin.

    Lot 3: 13.296 acres in Tuscarora Township – a totally wooded lot bordering Cherry Valley Rd with small stream and easy access, excellent for home or cabin sitting in the valley next to Lot 1.

    Lots 1, 2 and 3 will be offered individually and in their entirety.

    To view property for personal inspection, phone Bryan Imes at 717-363-0077.

    Real Estate Terms: 10% down day of sale, balance due in 30 days.


    Your story is my inspiration. Just wanted to let you know that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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