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    We are a family of 3. A committed couple ages 37 and 39 with a 3 year old little girl seeking a permanent community to be a part of and work hard for – We are ready to head out in 3 weeks. We are extremely serious about changing our lives and doing what is best for our daughter, including other families and individuals living together and working hard to create a sustainable environment. We need a community that is just starting or is established, but has at least one residence or temporary housing, as we only have a tent and is nearby a large enough town that can supply work. We want to live as minimal as possible. So, we need to work at least part-time to pay a financial obligation we have and are willing to contribute the remainder minus our toiletries, etc. to the community to help it grow, as long as we can also grow our own. We are carnivorous and love veges. We mainly like chicken, turkey and fish, with the occasional burger or steak. We would also like to consider a community that has facilities for people to rent at a max of $300/month for our family, plus labor hours, cooking, cleaning, building, teaching, and more. We wish to homeschool our daughter, work hard, garden, build, whatever needs to be done. We are ready, healthy and able. We are truly a loving family, love to have fun, laugh, play games, play with our daughter and truly want a community that loves to share meals together as much as possible. Thank you again, Dawn

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    Phone: 616-312-8593

    desert deb

    At you looking for any particular area? If you are that close to being ready to go you should have a destination picked out. There are some groups that make contact here but scattered nation wide. Mostly it will depend on where and how you want to live. A lotta people like snow areas some want desert, some want green grass and trees and little creeks running thru it. If you are serious about the move i recommend some setious planning. Just my opinion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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