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    Anyone in S UK fancy havin a go! I am. I could do with a hand though.


    I guess no interest at all.

    How about I re-phrase the statement.

    Do you enjoy camping wild or working with the land. I live in a remote location and have some un-cultivated land too!


    Sounds damn nifty, but I’m in the SW US.


    register for wwoofers, they should be able to help you. I have no idea how you do this but my friend has them over every summer and she has no inertnet nor even a mobile phone so it can’t be that hard to arrange. I think you will need to feed them but one of her Austrian regulars eats only apples??? so that may be simpler than you ever imagined.

    you could just have a few parties on the land and get the crew to do some graft. There’s lots of willing people out there who would work for a few weeks park up in their vehicles and they could arrange a party at the same time. You can even do it within the law by applying for a wedding type license. It doesn’t have to be a rave, you could host an opera weekend and get some graft at the same time.

    And anyway it can’t be that remote in Dorset, that’s positively urban.


    I live off-grid in Wales myself. Got plenty to do on my own land.


    Hmmm, I nearly missed this one–is it possible to change a subject? Or maybe start a new thread? This is in answer to the comment about wwoofers

    We’ve lived off-grid for 25 years, in an isolated area in the interior of British Columbia. Built our house (just the two of us) from wood milled and logged from our own trees. The house building has been a long, slow process and (as anyone knows who has done it) is never really finished. Gardening in this total wilderness with long winters and cold nights also is a challenge. As we get older, these challenges get larger.

    We discovered wwoofers several years ago, and what a difference it has made to what we can accomplish in the summer! We’ve had people from Japan, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, U.S., France, and other parts of Canada. We have them help us with specific projects for a few days, then let them play for a few days–after showing them what our immediate area has to offer. Since we like our privacy, we have them live in our log cabin (10 minutes’ walk away) and do their own breakfast, then provide the other meals. We’ve made some lasting friendships, as well. I highly recommend the organization.

    And by the way, these wwoofers aren’t necessarily young people–it’s not that uncommon to come across wwoofers who are in their 40’s or 50’s.



    You are free to start a new thread at any time, and volunteering / wwoofing is as good a subject as any.

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