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    Some places make going carbon neutral or off grid a bureaucratic and expense nightmare. I was surprised by all the red counties in WA and CA, and other places. Definitely a map to refer to if you want to go off grid.


    Hey great map… in my county in Pa it is listed red but in many counties it depends on the size. I can build up to 1000 sq ft without a permit anything i want.. I am 55 miles north of harrisburg pa .. for privacy i can’t list my county. However, i did learn that the county above me has a 135 sq ft limit so it depends usually on the population of your county. Mine is very very low…


    That map should be correlated with this one for a better picture of off-grid ability of any US location, along with the solar, and wind, maps in the Solar Living Source Book.

    This site has both wind and solar;


    Well if your gonna add in those sites remember location due to future weather changes too see here =


    Future climate, and also lower population density areas;

    Kind of put them all together for the right decision, hopefully.


    Over 2/3 of the US is good for solar(yellow or red);

    and about 1/4 is good for wind power;


    It isn’t just off-grid in the USA, it is around the world. A revolution in human thought that can translate to nearly everyone and everywhere. Making new tracks toward a sustainable destiny versus staying on the same tracks to destruction. From

    Nick Rosen


    Sounds a little Agenda 21 to me!,Global human thought! Making new tracks? “sustainable” is their favorite word! Destiny????Same tracks of destruction? Your link does not work! What are you saying? Yes, all should be herded?


    Sorry, the link should read

    but it is the video below it that is good. The “tracks” came from Mike Reynolds latest poem. Destiny is the future. The whole thing about sustainability is not agenda 21 and is all green. The path humanity is on right now, from over 45 years of research and observation (since early 1967, advanced biology/ecology), is toward first a massive population die off with peak population before 2050. After that, with continued greenhouse gas emissions and business as usual, it becomes a thermal maximum geologic event with the completion of the present extinction event in a millennium or so.

    Certainly something to try to mitigate.

    Living off-grid low carbon/low ecological footprint independent is the way to go.

    Nick Rosen

    Dear Dustoffer,

    Pure BS! DUST! The whole thing about agenda 21 is the very bogus word, “Sustainability” Yes agenda 21! is not about “all is green!” The path humanity is on now is controlled entirely by the elite!, and always has been! Have you looked up at the sky lately? We are being poisoned by the by the air we breath, chemtrails!, corexit still being sprayed in the gulf,and the radiation fallout from Fukushima! Have you researched what food you are eating? We are being poisoned by GMO, and chemicals added! Have you researched what is added to our public drinking water? We are being poisoned by the fluoride, chlorine, and ammonia, just to name a few!(Maybe you are drinking this and arebdumbed down!). Yes, there is a mass population die off planned! Who erected the Georgia guide stones? Have you ever read them? I feel sorry for you! after 45 years of research and observation you still believe the propaganda about greenhouse admissions! Yes, tax the gas emitted by a cow! LOL. You probably have shares in Al Gores carbon trading scam! The reason, the only true reason, why one should want to go off-grid is because, this entire world is just a grand illusion of the performing arts of evil deception and destruction, for only the elite to have total control, all the money and ultimate power over the sheeple. This is what it is all about!, and it has been planned for Millenniums! I do not want to be a part of this! That is why I want to go off grid! Who would want to live by idiots like you! Preaching the propaganda that living off-grid “carbon/low ecological footprint is the way to go! No! getting self sufficient and being independent of paying hard earned money and feeding into the elite monopoly, being free with a choice of how one lives and eats!, Not involved in this horrific grid! is the reason for going off-grid!

    Nick Rosen

    Yes Peanut!

    The Carbonazi scam is pure BS.

    Lord Albert of the Gore is a fraululent snake oil shill. In the early 70″s they tried to alarm us with the coming ICE AGE! Now it’s global warming, and the scam of creating a better world via the NWO one world govt and the resulting fascism that will bring.

    End or tax greenhouse gasses? Give me a break. I should pay a tax to breath the air? Any inteligent High School student will tell you that without CO2 all the plants on this big blue marble would die. Without the plants exhaling O2 all mammals(that includes mankind) would die.

    Remember kiddies, Lord Albert is the blowhard that claimed that HE invented the internet.

    Many years AFTER I had been networking by means of an old hand-set telephone 50 baud modem for years.

    One’s reasons for going off-grid should be with the intention of cutting loose from the PTB rat race. And I mean TOTAL self-sustainability free of the PTB and it’s fiat money.A cashless society of people bartering for what they need that they cannot themselves produce. You see, a gallon of my wine is worth a leg of lamb or two chickens. Monopoly money is for wiping ones arse.Especially with the introduction of QE-Infinity. That loaf of bread costing $2 today will cost $5 by next spring. So,

    “Dont be fooled by the radio

    The tv or the magazines

    They show you photographs of how your life should be

    But they’re just someone else’s fantasy

    So if you think your life is complete confusion

    Because you never win the game

    Just remember that its a grand illusion

    And deep inside we’re all the same.”


    Just for you Susan!

    Nick Rosen


    I am posting one more time on this site. In the hopes that brainwashed people will wake up, as hard as it is to do!

    They do not understand the propaganda they are feed from birth and that they are brainwashed. I will not call Dustoffer stupid! I will not stoop to this low level! This is supposed to be a free socieity, with a respect for others opinions! I feel so sad for him! that he refuses to see what is in front of his face! What his chidren are in store for.(if he has any).

    WE were told to take are stupidity else where!

    Is Dustoffer a sheeple or a shill!

    I guess the gulf stream did not stop!

    On June 12, 2010, the Gulf Stream stopped.

    A bit of explanation is in order:

    First, the Gulf Stream moves (used to move) warm water from the Caribbean Sea and

    Gulf of Mexico to the western side of Europe.

    The Gulf Stream (so-named by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century) has a number of

    other names: The North Atlantic Thermohaline Conveyor, The Loop Current, (Actually

    the Loop Current is the name of that portion of the Gulf Stream which makes a “loop” in

    the Gulf of Mexico. It was disrupted and lost its connection with the Gulf Stream after

    the BP spill and the Corexit, thus breaking the connection of the warm Gulf of Mexico

    water with the rest of the Gulf Stream. Matt Simmons may have been killed for revealing

    too much about the problems of the consequences of the BP oil spill and the shut down of

    the Loop Current, The Conveyor, and others. This river of warm water moving through

    the colder North Atlantic Ocean begins in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. It is a

    continuous current moving around our planet, which does not really “begin” anywhere. It

    exists rounding the Southern tip of Africa, and crosses the South Atlantic, with some of it

    moving south of Cuba and into the Gulf of Mexico and another part moving up East of

    Florida and then, it moves up the Atlantic coast of Florida until it gets to Cape Hatteras,

    North Carolina, and then it turned east across the Atlantic Ocean towards northern


    Up until June 12, 2010, it continued east to the British Isles where it split with part going

    north to warm Iceland with the rest going south warming Scotland, Ireland, England,

    France, Spain and Portugal. Now it goes a couple of hundred miles east of Cape Hatteras,

    North Carolina, and stops! (Here’s the image to see the U.S. Navy map of the North

    Atlantic, which depicts water temperatures and placed a large yellow arrow pointing to

    the stopping point of the Gulf Stream. This

    Sea Surface Temperature Map is updated daily by the U.S. Navy at website: .

    Please Dustoffer disprove this with evidence!

    No radiation from Japan! Do your research!

    No poison from gulf corexic in atmosphere that rains down on us!

    Corexiit was banned in Canada and Europe! Please Dustoffer disprove this!

    GMO is good for us! 1,000’s of Cattle died in India, bankrupting 1000’s of farmers that committed suicide! Do some research!

    Fluoride is good for us! used in nazi concentration camps! Do some research on this!

    Chem trails are only contrails! Although gov patents for geoengineering of atmophere are public domain! Aluminum, barium being sprayed down on us, very good for humanity! No worries, Monsonto has seeds that are aluminum resistant and will grow in spite of the toxicity! Do your research Dustoffer!

    I am thinking now this site is not for real! Maybe gov wants to know who is awake and wants to go off-grid. We will be the first ones off to the fema re-education camps! And Dustoffer if you think re-education camps are not for real! do some research! You need to do much more research!, read the government documents do not even believe the youtube!

    I will not ever call you stupid! Just naive and brainwashed.

    I guess if you just call us stupid again, you are the ignorant one, not to come up with evidence to disprove what I write.


    Please quit hijacking this thread on going off grid. Go through this whole site to find debunking of all your conspiracy and anti AGW garbage;

    Back on subject;

    Over 2/3 of the US is good for solar(yellow or red);

    and about 1/4 is good for wind power;

    Houses of freedom;

    Places where it is easy and places where it is hard to build with alternative energy and building materials;

    (by the way peanut, Dustoff is unarmed medical evacuation helicopters in RVN. It was a call sign that stuck, having to do with the rotor wash of the helicopter. I flew the UH-1H on over 900 combat missions, and was shot down and wounded.)

    This is for growing your own food outside reference;

    this is from pafarms post on the future climate to consider in location;


    Bump this up, because it is about living off-grid!!! There links are important for the USA, if you have similar ones for a different country, post them here.

    Ignore the worthless ranting posters who became “anonymous” but left their trash behind.

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