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    Does anyone have suggestions on places to park (and sleep) that won’t get you in trouble with the law?


    yes i would like to know the same qustion.but i live in birmingham west mids uk.thats a good post


    The law is not usually a major problem if you only stay overnight, don’t leave a mess and don’t park in front of farm gates or somebodys drive. The usual problem is late-night revellers driving past on their way home from the pub who think its a great laugh to pull up nearby, revup, sound the horn etc. etc. Unfortunately you often find the quiet places you can get the van to easily and park up are the same ones where young lovers go at night to get away from it all. Lorry lay-bys are generally a bit too noisy as they don’t often stop all night. Certainly the main problem I found trying to live in the van in the south was that most of the choice places have height restriction barriers so you couldn’t get the van in in the first place coupled with the fact that you always had to keep moving on. Great for a while but it quickly gets tiresome never mind the fuel costs!


    a campsite


    If you don’t both anyone and lay low, the most trouble with the law you will likely get in is that they will tell you to move along. If you don’t do or keep anything illegal in your auto, you should be fine. I would say, “it is better to ask forgiveness , than to ask for permission” applies here.

    If you’re not paying for something like a campsite like suggested above, you aren’t going to stay anywhere public too long. Friends with lots of land may let you stay for a while, but that will get old with them as well. Truck stops and highway rest stops will also work for short stays. A friend of mine stayed for a couple of weeks at the local highway rest stop while going ton school and never had a problem.

    Another thing to consider is if a campsite will let you work off your stay. Facility and showers are a big plus.


    We find secluded areas are harder to find than we thought when we went full time in our motorhome. We are slowly collecting a few “Ideal” spots but if we are going to be in an area for a couple of weeks for work, we use the Caravan Club Certificated Location scheme which gives us a nice place to stay with a maximum 5 vans and usually a discount for not plugging in to the grid.


    Noticed there weren’t really any tips on urban van dwelling, so I thought I’d chip in. I live and work in London, and lived in a van for most of last year (until November when it got too cold) and a bit of this. I’ve only once had any trouble with the police, when my friend and I had our vans parked back door to back door and somebody thought we were passing illicit goods between them, when all we were doing was cooking dinner! Even then they didn’t bother that we were staying there for the night.

    I’ve generally stayed around the one area of north London, but moved about quite a bit. Quiet residential streets have been good to park on: I prefer parking next to gable ends or gardens so as not to worry people peeking through their curtains. Parking restrictions mean I have to move the vehicle on weekdays, though that isn’t a problem as I use it for work.

    If I was to offer anyone any tips on urban van living, it would be to keep yourself discreet and to not leave a mess; to try and find somewhere close to decent public toilets, a lido or similar to use showers; if possible, have friends in the area, where you can always call in for a shower, or even when you need a bit of company; and lastly, having a good local pub in the near vicinity helps, especially when the nights start drawing in.

    Not exactly an exhaustive list, but I’ve really enjoyed the experience of living in my ex ambulance in London. I’ve seen more of my friends than when I’ve stayed in a flat, I’ve spend more time wandering about in secluded spots enjoying nature, and I’m probably one of the few people who’ve gone to sleep in London to the hoots of owls – always a good thing!


    my motorhome living friend is parked in his ex mother in laws drive way :)

    I think your right about showers, i was thinking of joining a gym and visiting every day for showers,sauna etc. :)

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