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    Any1 who can give me advice on how to get land, and live off it with little as possible expences.

    I have been doing research online, etc, but I always have the most important fall back, getting land to start.

    With little income, no credit, and havent found any resource to help get my dream to a reality, I have a block, and would like to know how to get over this to begin my life of freedom.

    I want to live off land and have little expences, and from what I have learned it is possible, but finding out how is the big question.

    I understand there is alot of rules/regulations, taxes and possibly more in Ontario, and where is best resorces for this. Again with limited income, I want as little to pay out monthly.

    Thanks for reading and any advice given.




    The best I can suggest is to move to BC, or better yet, to Yukon, find a job, and trust your dreams from there. Eventually, after the pole shifts completely, Ontario will be like Siberia. In fact, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England are spiritually degenerate, because the pole shift will make most of these areas uninhabitable. The good thing about the east coast of Canada, is that the climate won’t change much at all, as long as you can avoid the tsunamis, and earthquakes which will occur in the area.

    Your dreams will guide you, so don’t be miserable anymore. Being miserable is sure sign that you are not safe in the future. So dreaming for a self-sufficient existence, which you can’t afford is simply a way to sustain any discontentment, in order to suppress any dreams, which show how doomed your area of the world is. Wake up and smell the pretty flowers, and look at how beautiful everything is, and revel in God’s perfect creation. Then from this perfective, let your dreams guide you.

    If you allow unfulfilled dreams to cloud your judgement, you won’t be able to escape, because by accepting the misery of unfulfillable dreams, you are accepting death, in order not to have dreams about personal calamities in the future. God is kind, so he generally won’t show miserable people dreams about their own death in advance, because most miserable people would be better off with the angels anyway. So if you are in an unsafe area, don’t expect any dreams, to make life even more miserable.

    If you want to carry your pure essence into the future, it must be a pure essence, so forget about the things you can’t do, and do the things you can. If you are a survivor, then each time you neglect a dream, or an insight into what you should do, in favour of doing what you want to do, more and more misery will overtake you. Yet, if you are one of the lucky ones, who is mean to die, you will live happily ever after, until the end, so don’t be jealous of those who are care-free, and don’t follow their ways, because they are having their moment in the sun now.

    Kind regards Darryl


    “Yet, if you are one of the lucky ones, who is mean to die, you will live happily ever after”

    Does that mean mean??? Mean like a bad bear, or a rabid wolf??? Or is it you are lucky if you are “meant” to die, and you forgot the “t.” So then you would be gratefully dead???

    How about this “polar shift”, which actually is the magnetic north pole shifting to the now magnetic south pole and vice versa. Compasses basically reverse and the magnetosphere is weakened dangerously for a period of 50 to 200 years. Then solar flares and especially a direct hit of a coronal mass ejection could fry places and systems. In the hundreds of past magnetic pole reversals, there is no indication of a direct CME hit. If big and bad, and direct enough it could sterilize the planet and blow most of the atmosphere away.

    But the real subject is how much land do you need to totally supply yourself with everything you need. That depends on the land, the soil, weather, future weather, other resources on the land. It could be as little as 5 acres or hundreds of acres. Even the best land is useless without knowledge of how to live independently.


    Sorry, I didn’t mean to be mean, but the word “mean”, was meant to be meant.

    Our planet is made up of a thin outer crust, floating over a molten interior. Each tectonic plate is free to float anywhere, as molten lava pushes up and cools on one side, to create forces towards the other. The reason everything moves so slowly, is because all of the tectonic plates are locked together, but what would happen if a net force occurred on the crust as a whole? There is really nothing to stop the true pole from shifting, which has occurred in the past. Enormous forces would be required, over a considerable period of time, to overcome the inertial and frictional forces. There are a few possible mechanisms, which could supply a destabilizing force to the crust.

    1. The ice builds up on the poles to such an extent, that the spinning crust becomes unbalanced. Think of how a mechanical governor works – if the weights are free to move further out, they do. So if the enormous weight of the ice on Antarctica, unbalances the balanced state of the crust, a tendency to move towards the Equator will occur. So if something could tip the balance, and begin to move the crust, Antarctica would being to accelerate towards the equator, but while it is in the dead centre, there are no centrifugal forces, yet if it begins to move off-centre, the centrifugal forces will build up rapidly. Once it moves into a warmer climate, the ice will begin to melt, and the forces should stabilize.

    2. Based on ancient Egyptian records, and mathematical models, the magnetic field lines within the sun behave like a giant elastic bands, that wind up over the centuries, due to the dissimilar rotation between the equator and the poles. At a certain point, the stress is too great, and the field lines collapse, which creates an enormous magnetic pulse. This is what destroyed other great civilizations in the past, according to the Egyptians. A strong enough magnetic pulse, will penetrate the earth, and impose opposing forces on the iron in the crust, in comparison to the iron in the interior. This is because the field lines run in opposite directions. Initially this won’t do anything, other than destroy all of our electrical infrastructure, but the motion induced into the crust, relative to the core, could be enough to begin moving the pole.

    3. A magnetic planetary body could enter the inner solar system, and come too close to the earth, and it’s magnetic field, combined with its gravitational effects, could begin moving the pole.

    Whatever causes it, an actual pole shift has been predicted, and the poles have shifted in the past, and there are valid scientific mechanisms, which can explain it, so we should be prepared. I am confident the South Pole will move towards Australia, and the North Pole will move towards Greenland. So the east coast of North America, Western Europe, Southern Australia, and New Zealand will be inhospitably cold, which explains why these places are the most spiritually degenerate places on earth.

    You won’t need to own too much real estate, because most people won’t make it, so if you can get through the worst of it, there will be available real estate everywhere. All you really need is enough land to store some supplies, and to live on, and to enjoy the last of our modern age. If you can come up with a valid farming project, apparently Yukon will give you land for free. Something, like a chicken farm, where you can buy grain in bulk, and make a profit at the same time, will supply your needs in this life, and the next. You won’t need much land to do that.

    Another option is to live next to bushland, or a lake, so that you can hunt, or fish. There are many options in Canada, but you should trust your dreams, or someone else’s dreams. I can tell you from my dreams, that the only way to survive in Ontario, is to be rescued by the Government’s secret survival strategy, and be taken to an underground bunker. Such a situation won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, because the crowded living conditions, combined with impersonal nature of such a government plan, might even make you envious, of those who didn’t make it. I don’t even come from Canada, but I had a friend from Ontario, and these are what my dreams told me. I also had a friend from the Gold Coast once, and then I had dreams about a tsunami on the Gold Coast, and when I looked up the Internet, I found that my dreams match many other such predictions.

    I didn’t want to deceive you, so just before I decided to go to this site again, I prayed and asked for confirmation, that my dream about Yukon being the best place in Canada to survive was correct. You see, when I had the dream, I knew where the pole was going to move to, but I didn’t know where Yukon was, yet if you look at Yukon, relative to the position of the new pole, it will have the same climate as before. BC will be colder, but Alaska will be warmer. So if you can enjoy life in the Yukon now, like many people are apparently doing, then you will be better prepared for what’s coming in the future too. This is the reason why I tossed a coin an hour ago, and got 5 heads in a row, that Yukon is safe. So there is a 1 in 32 chance, that I am telling you the truth.

    Obviously, you should trust your own intuition and dreams, and only use my ideas as a starting point, but as far as I can make out, everyone dreams essentially say the same thing about certain areas, so if these dreams are correct, others will confirm it…

    Remember, survival is 1000 times easier, if you live in an area where other people survive naturally, so to create an isolated survival bunker, in an unsafe place, is a very expensive idea. All you need to do in a safe area, is have an area of expertise that other people need, or to store some supplies, that other people haven’t thought of. Then you can trade with other survivors, for all the other things that you couldn’t afford to store yourself. So find some business plan now, which is somewhat self-supporting, but which stores, or gives you the ability to manufacture, things that people will need in a collapsed economy. The safest buildings are shipping containers, because they won’t be destroyed by earthquakes. So get a property, which allows you to store a few shipping containers. Clothing is going to be the hardest thing to manufacture in the future, because we have given most of our clothing manufacturing needs to big business, so storing some clothing for other people, could give you something to trade with, if you cannot hunt, or create your own food supply in the future. Just think of something that other people haven’t thought of, or are not already doing in their day to day lives. But the first prerequisite, is for the area to be generally safe, after that, the other friends you make in the area, will inspire you accordingly. Everyone unconsciously knows the future anyway, so the main reason to understand all this consciously, is to motivate you to go against the peer pressure of those who are doomed. So don’t befriend inconsiderate people, because they are doomed. Anyone who is truly considerate is a survivor, so befriend them now, and let them inspire you to find your paradise. Since the government isn’t being overly friendly, regarding their survival plans, I don’t think the human race can depend on them, for survival. I think they might supply the necessary genetic diversity, to continue mankind’s legacy, but I think they will degenerate socially, and will ultimately degenerate into barbarians, because you can’t be a selfish degenerate, and maintain your culture at the same time.

    The most important thing to consider, is the possibility of intense nuclear fallout, created by many of the Northern Hemisphere’s nuclear power stations melting down, due to a loss in our electrical infrastructure. So if you don’t plan on building a simple nuclear fallout shelter, and having iodine supplements, and a Geiger counter, it’s probable better not to plan on surviving at all.


    The “polar shift” is still simply the eventual reversal of the magnetic poles. It has NOTHING to do with plate tectonics. The main things threatening human survival are overpopulation to die off before mid century because of depletion of key resources and pollution effects. That is the near term.

    The long term survival is affected by the passing of natural tipping points of positive feedback loop reactions to pollution already put out, or that will be put out before the crash. The end result of these is an ELE completion at AETM.

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