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    Was forwarded this link and thought I’d pass it on.

    Perhaps others might like to post their favourites.

    Les Stroud Off the Grid

    Hope it is of interest.


    Yes, it would b e great to have a database of good off-grid video material. Undercurrents are sending me a DVD in the post that I hope to be able to recommend soon, and of course there is the offgridnick site on YouTube that is worth a look.

    Anybody interested in working on a film about off-grid with me, give me a ring.


    07971 543703


    Trying to get your head round the enormous shift in thinking and feeling necessary to start living in a more ecologically in tune fashion is no small thing,

    is a website giving access to hundreds of short interviews with people discussing just this in various aspects.

    their tag line is talking heads talking sense. Obviously rock n roll fans too.

    Check out the various interviews with Aubrey Meyer one of the architects of “contraction and convergence”. Starting with ‘Fiddle and burn’ and ask yourself why we don’t hear more about ideas such as this in the mainstream media.

    Also check out Climate Radio, downloadable from

    Stick one on your ipod and make good use of the time you are forced to spend commuting. Its not all bad news but we rarely hear about the positives.

    Get educated, get active.


    New video just added to the web site – home page – a five minute extract of a play about the politics of flooding. I also put it on YouTube – on the offgridnick section.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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