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Home Forums General Discussion Off Grid Solar “Kits”. Are they deals or overpriced ripoffs?

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    I’m in the planning stages of building an off grid home, and in my research I keep running across these solar power “kits”. This one for example.

    Are these kits, or others like them, good deals, or would it serve me better to build my own kit? Would this save me money, or am I simply buying into the marketing?


    in my opinion stay away. they seem to be under powered. more for show on someones guest cabin at the getways house. especially right now. the deals on solar gear are out there inventory is huge. you’ll have to go back through some older posts. but chowan and i have discused all the things to consider. i think it was thejoysoflivingoffthegridcompletely???

    last week evergreen pannels where going for less than a buck pure watt.

    what are the current specs for the house. size, number of people, location, needs/wants.



    I thought they quit importing evergreen panels into the US??


    Recently we have seen several news announcements to the effect solar panel prices are about to plummet, not just drop a little bit. If true ( even partially) any retailer with lots of inventory will get burnewd with over priced stock they may have dificulty selling even at a loss. The smart move would be to reduce present inventory to the bare minimum. Do you suppose this has any influence to motivate resellers to clean out their existing stock with a blow out sale?

    Unless you need it right now this week hold back on making major purchases for use a year from now.


    Actually, the wholesale solar kits look like great deals for DIY. The prices are lower than anyone I have seen. I would not count on the prices coming down soon. I’ve heard that for years, and our system cost more and still paid for itself. There wholesale solar ones would pay off even quicker right now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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