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    I’ve been poking around looking at some of the currently available off grid / survival / prepper personal sites and it seems to me that there is a serious lacking in this area, what is there is ether really outdated or very non functional or of poor design.

    As a fellow offgrider… I was wondering everyone’s thoughts on this subject as I was thinking about designing a site that was a member verified, screened site for serious persons vs the typical “allow anyone anonymously” type sites.

    Anyone see a calling here?

    Nick Rosen

    Great idea.  There is a real lack of what you talk about.  How would you “screen” the site for only serious people? Most of us that already are off grid, low grid, homesteading, etc might not have the time to manage a website or a blog site; I know I don’t have the time.  But I still like your idea.


    There are certain features you can build into sites for photo verification, back ground checks and other things which can add to the security of or piece of mind of the user(s). Nothing of course if fail proof but most whom are in the community are pretty sincere persons. Some of the simplistic aspects is just requiring people to properly fill out information vs what Ive seen in the 2 sites currently in use which are not very well constructed.

    I use to own a eCommerce site, when compare a personals site vs doing retail goods, inventory and shipping… the other would be a lot less burdensome with the right software in place. It is of course all relative to the amount of investment one makes.

    More thoughts and ideas please!!!!


    I would ask how one would go about “screening” people? I would say to not try to screen anyone, but put in a disclaimer for the users, I would do that anyhow even if you could screen the users, you don’t want the liability coming back on you if something goes wrong. Perhaps there could be multiple levels of users, ones who do not want to do anything to prove who they are, and maybe have a more secure level where the user sends in a copy of their driver’s license or ID. My 2 cents…



    That’s pretty much the thought process…



    how do you screen the perpetually paranoid?

    not so much off griders but preppers and survivalist types are not going to want to

    give you much imformation for screening purposes.

    1st rule of prepping is dont tell anyone.

    If you can work around that you might just have something.


    Being that I am one of those people myself I do get the thought process there. If I was offered the choice of like for like … meaning knowing that the person I was speaking to also had put fourth the effort of choice of disclosure I’d be more at ease with taking them for whom they are.

    I’m not advocating mandatory background checks… but more of what was suggested before. I think at a minimum a user must put up a picture.  An option to that would be having those pictures verified.  That’s a pretty easy process with the right software.


    I’m thinking alternative payment methods would be a bigger thing… privacy is all of our priorities.  Myself personally … I’d feel better knowing my stuff was in the hands of a prepper vs match or Cupid or or or…

    Functional… like minded… optional levels of putting ones self out there… users that at least know there’s true effort… I think that would give common ground for some middle meeting point.

    I’ve done some of the aforementioned sites… trust me when I say the like minded do not exist in that realm and the current options … really suck!



    Another idea that came to mind would be guaranteed data purging… Going against the grain with normal internet protocol and actually wiping out a persons data if they choose to be removed unlike most every site out there that maintains and usually resells a users information…

    More ideas please?


    devilman96: So, I’m confused and confused. You wrote: ” I was thinking about designing a site that was a member verified, screened site for serious persons vs the typical “allow anyone anonymously” type sites.

    Anyone see a calling here?”

    And yet the #1 comment I read in newbies wanting to get off the grid is “…I don’t want to follow any rules!” HOW do you get non-rule followers to follow YOUR rules?

    I’m not talking about the regular posters at this site that are clearly living the life, I’m talking about the frustrated, burn-outs that think Living Off Grid = Paradise Lost, and yet can’t bring a single skill set to the table, yet want to have the members here do all the work for them, from research to hook ups.


    I did say I was thinking about designing a website… Not curing IQ’s below 60… One can only do so much ya know!


    Bwhahahahahahaaaa, devilman96! Great answer. You can’t cure Stupid! ;)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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