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    I am considering going off grid, but I have 2 young daughters…would it be a better idea for me to wait until they are grown? Just wondered if there were others who were already living this lifestyle with children to give advice.


    Why wait?

    I have heard the same question from people wanting to live on a boat and cruise the world. Those who did go cruising found the experience broadened the horizon of their kids who gained from visiting other places plus the home schooling put them ahead of the age group when they returned to “civilization” several years later.

    My wife grew up off grid. She never even saw an electric light bulb in a house until she was 14 years old. The standing joke in her family when I talk about ‘off-grid’ is to ask “what is off grid? You mean living like we did normally?

    Seriously its more important to do what you feel is correct than toeing the line as per society’s norms. There are any number of home schooling programs available. Calverts School was a traditional system where school work could be mailed in but I know two families in BC where the schooling is done via internet. One by wireless and one by dial up phone. These kids have to sit the same exam as their contemporaires and thus are on par with attending school houses. In some ways they are doing better.

    Visit website owners Jackie and Marshall has been living off-grid for the past 10 yearws while raising a couple of kids who are now teen agers. Judging by the kids bloggs they benefitted from the experience.

    This website had a video clip from a Brigham Young University outreach group. The engineerring group devised a merry go round that drove a generator to power a charging station so the kids could take home LEDlights for doing homework at night in their off grid homes that lacked any sort of modern conveneience. The generator also powered lights in the class room in a school hundred of miles from any sort of grid.

    Go for it while you are young and can do it.


    We moved from San Diego to a very rural area in the Cascade mnts about 6 yrs ago with two middle school children. We started them in the closest Public Middle school before I realized 1- 50% of the kids were being home schooled and 2- The quality of teachers seems to lessen, the further away you are from a big city.

    My advise is do it and plan on home schooling. Find out if you will be able to get high speed Internet. That will help schooling the kids. The experiences you and the kids will have living off grid will be a huge education in itself.

    Just remember that your daughters may want to return to city living and will need to compete with others for jobs. I find it sad when I see bright kids held back from their potential because they lack the resources to learn and grow. Off grid living can provide the resources for a good education.

    Good luck-



    Our 3 1/2 year old daughter doesn’t know the difference, and is happy as a duck in a puddle!


    We have 2 daughters age 8 and 9 and they have a lifestyle that most adults are still not living, we are full time in a motor home as to being in 1 place, the girls are 2 years ahead of where they would be in a public school and they love there life. if you want to see the girls lifestyle just go to facebook and add me gregmulac and look around at the pictures and it may help you make up your mind.


    hey we moved off grid with 3 girls in april of last year and they love it. i was realy worried that my kids would hate me when i did it, My wife reciently had surgery and i brought them into town for a week while she recovered in a hotel with tv, pool, games, resturants and the rest. when we got home i sheepishly asked them if they wanted to move back to town they all said no. i was surprised


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    I say do it. It will be a great experience for your children.

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