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    I just can not find fixtures for my MR16 bi pin LED bulbs, I finnaly had to use the one and only 12 volt 3 watt bulb with a built in adapter, from ‘theledlight’ but I am also using a 6 watt LED from ‘superbright’ and got a good adapter for it from our local shop, but I do not know where he got it.

    So I am still looking for fixture that hold the bi pin bulbs, I prefer trak light fixtures.

    I used adapters in swing-arm lamps for my 48 emmiter bulbs from superbright, and the cool white mixed with the warm white works good for my drawing board.

    But now that they have 6 watt bulbs I may need two more of them for my work suface.


    I do not know where you are located but if you go to an electrical industrial light supplier you will most likely find he carries or can order in adaptors to fit bi pin bulbs for retrofitting in older style fixtures.

    Keepo in mind the MR-16 bulbs have same pin spacing as other bi pin bulbs.

    I had problems finding 32 volt bulbs for one project so a visit to my industrial distribution center solved the problem. While ther I asked about various bulb bases and voltages. That is when I discovered the bi pin adaptor that fit screw based sockets. Never seen them in retail stores but they exist.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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