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    I’m interested in two things, off-grid living and non-conventional/green building (cobb, super adobe etc).

    I live in Cali and i’m looking to do this in stages (not all at once). So my plan is to buy property first(step one) then slowly transform the land(step 2), build my house(step 3), then add off-grid utilities(step 4), move completely(step 5).

    I had a recent bad experience which prevents me from getting past step 1. I sort of “bought” land in Santa Cruz mountains; I loved the property, it was in the mountains, lots of trees, water was plentiful, and it was 20 minutes from town. But cancelled the deal last minute after discovering two things, the lot was full of red tape that prevented anyone from touching it (can’t build), and the existing neighbors were very bitter after pretty much being abused by their government that enforces the ‘red tape’. I felt very sorry for the neighbors but the abusee becomes the abuser because they were on their toes ready to call the inspector on me the moment I got there and started talking about my plans (green building etc).

    I’m walking away from this a little more saavy. So now I have new requirements for property scouting. It has to be very large property (more than 10 acres) and it has to be no where near any neighbors unless I’m out of state.

    What do you guys think? I was especially bothered by that article of the old vietnam vet in San Diego that is being evicted from his property after the 30 years of living there off grid. The government set him up and is trying to auction off his property (they are stealing!).

    I’m seriously considering leaving California after maybe 10 years of saving money (and raising my son) first. This state is NOT liberal. I am starting to hate it here. This state is locked down tight my friends, we are under attack.

    Anyways, if you are in California please share your thoughts and experiences I would very much like to connect.


    No takers…ok so maybe some of you that are off-grid can share which states you are in? Unless thats a secret lol….


    just wanted to say that having been off grid in California im now in Nevada

    I found California expensive and full of people who wanted to mind MY business

    not to mention every tax imaginable more and more governmental regulation every


    im sure there is some pretty little corner where you can avoid much of this

    most of the time my best wishes to you in your search.


    I have a number of friends from California, some are even off grid but one thing they have in common is they are all ex-pats meaning they left the land of fruits and nuts for greener pastures even if its in the desert or the mountains of the PNW. California is a great place . . . . to be from. < smile>

    I have been there for work, don’t want to live there.


    Thanks elnav and chowan. So your friends in Cali…they are still there is that right? Living off grid? Can I get in touch with them?

    I never even thought about it but during my research in regards to off-grid living, I can’t recall ONE person being interviewed that was in California. It was Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, Texas and so on. :-(

    I grew up here and I love the ocean. I didn’t realize how much I needed the ocean until I left for WA and lived inland for a year. I would easily get confused and lost because there was land in every direction, and I lost my sense of north and south. In Cali, you can drop me off anywhere and I can find my way home, because I could at least be able to tell which way the ocean was. Not so when I’m in another state. So it looks like I have to bite the bullet and learn to live in a nonsensical state of direction lol.

    Nevada might be nice….


    I think chowan has it right…northern Nevada…far from the san andreas/imperial valley/baja earthquake zones…I had nothing but positive interaction with law enforcement for example in rural, small town Nevada over the years…including one time when the barefoot, half-undressed sheriff sent his spit & polish uniformed deputy to help me break into my illegally parked car to retrieve my keys after a night I can’t remember…they were only concerned about safety and if I had a good time visiting!!! Superb…don’t find that in “civilization” as a rule…look to chowan’s recommended land sales site where he bought off-grid raw land also.

    California has big problems…1/politics 2/economy 3/mexifornication 4/radiation 5/crowds 6/earthquakes a’comin’…getting out would be the smart thing…just my 2 cents…Dust

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