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    Charles Doherty

    hi all.

    For those of you who already have facebook accounts, you might be interested to know that off-grid also has a facebook group. Its called…remarkably enough…”Off-Grid”. Just write this term in the facebook search bar after you log in and you should see a listing for the site.

    Its not much at the moment so there is plenty of room for growth, but there at least you can meet other people interested in doing the same things and can share all sorts of stuff from photos and videos to online chat, information, and games.

    Off-Grid is looking at installing its own online social network in the future so the activity on facebook might provide a test case to see if people would really use an online social networking site.

    If you don’t use facebook its very easy to register and you don’t even have to provide any real information except for a working email address. (Create a free one on google or yahoo)

    Word to the wise, don’t put any sensitive information on facebook. its more secure than myspace but information is information and has a way of sticking around for governments to look at…etc.


    I can’t find it, typing off grid gives me loads of results- help!

    Charles Doherty

    HI rugbyfm

    I had a similar problem. Its definately there. Type exactly the term “Off-Grid” – Keep the capitols and (Naturally) lose the quotations. I found it on page five of the results returned to me for that search. You will recoginise it as it bares the same logo as the web site. Weirdly enough the moment i added myself to the group it suddenly started showing up on page one for all off-grid searches there after. its very strange behaviour and may explain why the group is still small considering how large the off-gridders community really is.


    Please do join and take part in the facebook group, especially to discuss postings on this web site as it it encourages people to come and have a look!



    I’ve just joined the group – here’s the link to the group in Facebook:

    I’d love to see other people’s photographs in there too !!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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