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    Hello everyone,

    This may be a bit of an oxymoron, but are there any off-grid hotspots in the US? Places where many people in the community live off-grid and there are reputable solar contractors who do off-grid work?


    Well, there are a few scattered individuals in the US who live off grid, but no specific communities that I know of. I’m in the US in Upstate NY, and am looking for such people… they are usually not wired at all, that is, they don’t go online, so one must find them by knocking on doors and talking to people…

    (When you asked about “hotspots” I thought that you meant WIRELESS hotspots that are off the grid…which is a really interesting notion… it being possible to hook up enough solar panels or wind to power the modem, router, and satellite dish… but since there is a monthly bill to pay, does that then put such a wireless hotspot “on the grid”?)


    I live off grid and am in upstate NY also. There are quite a few people out this way who are into this lifestyle. Most of the off gridders I know are online, as using alternative energy sources gives you constant power (at least it does for us). Usually that is exactly how you find them……on the computer. We have a online business and are online about 8-12 hours a day with 2 laptops.

    In the area we are in, Chenango County, there are solar installers around. In fact, I have a good friend who is getting certified this summer, yet he has been doing solar installations for about 8 years now.


    I have lots of questions for you!

    What do you use for you Internet specifically? Long range wireless, Sat, Mobile/celular?

    What kind of business do you run? Could you post the site?


    There are most definitely off the grid communities. A good resource is (ic standing for “intentional community”). I lived at one of these communities last year. Do note, however, that not all the communities at that website are off the grid.


    There is a off grid community in New Mexico called The Mesa.


    I use dial up for my internet connection through my local telephone company. I am not out in the wilderness, though I do live in the middle of the state forest in upstate NY.

    My online business is mostly selling guitar strings, my ebook and my husband’s music cd at Thanks for asking. I also do web design and have been busy doing a solar site for a solar installer for the last month. This will be a ongoing job as I am also adding the products for him.

    When I mentioned a community I did not mean the type of community where everyone lives on the same land. I just meant there are quite a few off the gridders living out here in NY state. On their own properties.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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