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    Hi, I’m looking to install a diesel generator around 5-10kw for a 2 bedroom cottage that’s 3 miles off grid located in the scottish borders. I’ve looked at PV solar with a generator to back it up but the cost of the system was outwith my budget 14PV Panels with battery back up £30k cheapest I could find from a company willing to deliver & install at the remote cottage so that’s out of the question.

    The alternative is a diesel generator with a battery bank to back it up, which would be around 24 batteries,the bonus is that the wiring system for which is installed in the house as it had a generator previously. Does anyone here have any suggestions, I’ve investigated the following machines and they all seem much of a muchness but I really want to find folks who have actually used them and have a working knowledge of their good & bad points. The first is a mitsubishi L3E-SD 4 temp Athmo 5kw ( which l think is too small for my domestic requirements) the others are- Lister 15kw, Perkins 10kw, yanmar 8kw.

    I have domestic appliances which are AAA rated, fridge, freezer, washing machine, electric cooker. none of which consume more than 1.5kw. lighting would be via low energy bulbs, with a dual fuel fire with back boiler for hot water and heat pumped via AA* rated circulation unit with optional on/off switch to the radiators. Hopefully I’ve covered the basics of my requirements and if anyone wants to further info I’ll get back to you.

    budget Wise I don’t too spend beyond what I can afford as I’m also trying to renovate the cottage, so I really need and would appreciate any advice.




    Im sure there are others around similar but i have been very happy with

    kohler engines with different geneator heads.

    some of the peripherals like the start box may not last but a new engine

    with little load should last 10s of thousands of hours if its maintained.

    cheap on diesol seems to vary between 2.5 to 10 gallons per day depending on

    the load thats running 24/7.

    I do like the listers very much so but if economy is important you may want to look at something different for my usage i would choose a lister or listeroid

    simply because i love to fix stuff and a lister is worth fixing

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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