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    I’ve searched since spring for a motor for this thing … I’ve burnt up quite a few too. A lot of time and money wasted so far.

    Pumpjack info:

    Jensen Beam Balance Pump Unit – 10A32J24

    Maximum Polished Rod Length 3200#

    Stroke Length 19.5″/20″

    T-Base Weight 850#

    Width 29″

    Length 112″

    Height 81″

    Counter Balance Weight 130#

    Gear Oil 90 WT. 7 Qts.

    Water Well info:

    500′ depth

    405′ to water

    8″ casing to 20′

    5″ casing to 460′

    PVC casing

    5+ GPM flow rate

    Looking for the MOTOR specs/Prime Mover that will drive this unit. The original was removed by previous owners and is missing. I’ve tried several different motors but they all have burnt up either within a minute or two, or after several hours of pumping. The well data does not have the equipment listed only the drill and casing data. So, I’ve been at a loss as to what size (hp) and rpm of the motor I should be looking at as a correct replacement. UGH

    I have contacted Jensen already, they referred me to another company here in Arizona, SunPumps, who wants to retro fit the well to a solar submersible, I would rather replace the prime mover with an original if possible. Something that is proven.

    No electricity out there yet, got my solar panels, components and batteries ready for install on the north parcel, just need water done first. As this well is on the south parcel and it feeds the property, well it used to feed the property … we run gennys right now for elec …

    I have the original pulley on the gear box, just no prime mover data.

    Another issue all together, the proper direction of the motor? The gear box will rotate in both directions to move the head. And the beam can be moved by hand, we pumped a few gallons this way, boy that was some work.



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