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    the title sais it all. does anyone have any advice?


    Borrow a tent – or go to a festival as the audience are leaving and get a free one

    then you have shelter


    I’d look up prepper & people building off-grid communities areas with a population and find someone that needed work that will barter for room & board.


    No money or job. How much debt? What kind of debt? Being broke and homeless counts as being off grid I suppose.


    Im not homeless the world is my home, but im just tired of the way society works. and i have no debt.


    Well if your doing it you need to tell us where you live now so we can direct you to the place where you can afford to get to. An age might be good too to tell us what you may need. Also do you want to do it alone or with other people? More info is needed to answer you.


    A quick google search would reveal several off grid communities seeking members.

    With that said, if communes aren’t your style and you are more the lone wolf type you can always download maps of local federal lands that aren’t populated at all, and just head on in and dissapear.

    Like the others, without knowing full well what you are looking for, what you need, what you have to offer, age, capabilities etc. We can’t help you much.


    Well, it’s not really legal to move off into Federally protected lands (Wildlife management areas, Designated wilderness areas, etc), but I do know of people who have lived in those type areas for many years at a time. Some Federal land have groups of squatters living on them in commune type atmospheres and such. State and Federal lands have rules and regulations in regards to the types of uses they allow on those lands, but most allow for “Camping”.

    You could alway skeep checking craigslist and such to see if you can find a farmer needing a “Farm hand” or something, and offer up yourself to be a farm hand and learn the farm with him and help as much as possible in return for a place to squat and build yourself a shelter and a nicer more relaxing life.

    Or you can try to get in on a commune. The thing about communes is that everything is typically communal (shared) outside of your private living quarters. You have to do your part for the commune DAILY unless you are sick or injured. And creating a private quarters and allowing you food supply until you start earning your keep isn’t cheap. They aren’t going to take the risk of taking in a deadbeat for free. If you don’t work out, they don’t want to have footed the bill for every running from the law criminal wanting to check out of society and never showed up to do their part but rather showed up to mooch as long as the gravy train will let him mooch. (I’m not saying that is you, what I’m saying is that they get their fair share of those types you can rest assured, and are not going to just take anyone else in without knowing that even if they don’t work out, the expense is covered for failure.)

    There are pluses and minuses to any form of getting off grid you choose.

    If I were younger and solo again, and had nothing much to offer anyone anywhere to help facilitate what I want to do. outside of my skills and labor, the first things I would do is get me a job, save up enough money to buy abd build me a decent van something like this:

    Get me a decent quality charcoal grill for cooking in all but the worst of weather and a couple of nice tarps to hang from it as shade areas and give me a dry place to chill outside, if the van has a tow package, a small trailer to eventually build a good solar station on. Then buy myself a couple of good deep cycle batteries a charge controller, a good inverter and a couple of solar panels. Then save up a couple more thousand dollars and start searching for the perfect little plot of land in a resource abundant area (preferably near public lands that allow free hunting and fishing) to start my off-grid living plan. Once found and purchased, I would immediately begin getting it setup to sustain me and get me a local job of some sort to start saving money to buy the tools I need for gardening, hand drilling a well (if you live in an area with a low water table), etc.

    Let’s face it, if a person doesn’t have the discipline to do the plan like I have posted above, they don’t have the discipline to make it off-grid, neither solo, in a family, nor in a commune. If you want to go off grid, the only thing stopping you is you, even though you might not be able to jump off grid right now, if you worked hard, scrimped, saved and focused, you could be off grid living in a cool little camper van with solar power likely within a year with smart investments, staying focused on the prize, and not trying to do too much too fast. Look, you can save up enough to buy a mechanically sound van in a couple of weeks of construction work, you can save up enough to build the inside of it into a camper in a couple more weeks of construction work, even less if you buy your needs in discout stores, craigslist, etc. In a couple more weeks of construction you can get yourself a dang fine inverter and a couple of batteries, then another week will buy you a couple nice 200+ watt solar panels, etc. Within the year you’d have everything you need ready to go, and likely even enough to buy a small acre of land in the right spot.

    As a family the dynamics are completely different, and as a communal venture, well that’s a whole nother ball of wax that isn’t going to be for the average privacy and freedom loving off-gridder.


    Look, to add to the post above, moving and living off grid take a lot of up front work, and it’s unlikely it’s going to be free for you. You will have to work your butt off to get there one way or the other. You can choose to do it the harder way (Just roll out and squat somewhere, building yourself a semi permanent shelter hidden somewhere, and hope you can scrape off the land without getting run off of it for as long as you need and improving it over time to better support you), or the easier way, and that’s work to save some money and get the stuff you need to get it going in the right direction.

    Seriously, get you a job, work and save, and get what you need. Constuction workers are always looking for both skilled and unskilled laborers, and if you turn out to be a good worker and dependable, your pay will show it on Fridays. With some smart spending and common sense you can make likely about $500 to $600 weekly, and put back the vast majority of it for buying what you need.

    I found a work van in Reading PA for $650 with nice roof racks (perfect to put a small solar array on top of the van with), betcha $600cash would buy it. You could do that in 2 weeks time easy. Get you something to sleep on and a grill, and park that sucker in a nice spot and camp in it while you work and save money. While at work, pick up and save any of the scrap stuff that is put in the trash pile that can be used to build your van, and if there are a couple of extra pieces left over at a job, ask if you can have them, you likely can. Skrimping off the job site would likely build up the bed platform and storage areas of the van for free. While you are doing that, save the money to buy other items you need to finish up your van and buy it off craigslist, or habitat for humanity, etc. Betcha within a month or so you could have most everything you need to finish the van into a camper (I’d say 3 to 4 months tops to buy and build a van into something like I linked.) plus a couple 6v golf cart batteries and a small solar charging system and inverter to give you some power to play with would maybe take a month of saving and smart purchases.

    I’m saying you could have a dependable van bought, purchased and converted into a living quarters within 3 months. If you keep working and putting back $200 to $300 per week for the next 9 months, you will have a converted van to live in with all the ameneties you need.

    At $200 a week for 9 months you could have $7200 to buy some land.

    At $300 a week for 9 months you could have $9600 to buy some land.

    With $9600 you could get you a good little chunk of property to live off of.


    thank you sorry for the late response. umm i would like to explore my options of doin it alone and also with others. i am 24 years old. and Federal Lands? ive never heard of those i would like to know more about it. i live in Pennsylvania in the lancaster area. all i would have to offer are my helping hands and feet. dont really have much to offer. but mostly im looking to live off the land and want to separate myself from society. ive done google searches on off grid communities but most of them want money.


    Not bad for $650 huh? Body was a little rough, but nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t get shored up to prevent further rust through.

    I also saw a place nearby you that had 225 amp hour 6v golf cart batteries for $95 each (that’s pretty darned good and 3 of those would run anything you would need it to run in that van including a little space heater to warm you up while you sleep), and TONS of inexpensive RV parts you could use in the van and building materials to convert that van into a solid place for a single man to start his off-grid adventures. (1500w power inverter for $155) (Camper sink and faucet for $35) (water tanks 4×35 gallon for $50 each) (portable toilet $50) (2 burner + broiler camp stove $30) (Dorm fridge $25) (225 amp hour deep cycle batteries $95 each) (2000w generator $100)

    That’s $685 for that stuff, and that’s including getting 2 of the deep cycle batteries and 2 of the 35g water tanks.

    Get you some solar landscape lighting to keep charged up every day it’s sunny enough and bring them inside the van in the evenings to provide free light that doesn’t touch your batteries, and leave the batteries for heat and keeping food and drinks properly cooled. With the generator, just ensure you are keeping an eye on your batteries and not over draining them, and when there isn’t much sun, top em off with the generator, or if you just need an extra boost of power through a really cold night to amp up a space heater, fire it up and crash out.

    You can do this if you set your mind to it. I mean most of these deals will be gone by the time you are in a position to buy some of that stuff, but ALWAYS keep an eye on craigslist and such because you can often save BIG money on stuff you will need.


    Wow Thank you. your absolutely right and this blue print is more then what i could ask for. thank you again! i will take it one step at a time and follow this plan!


    Also I searched on craigslist and saw that fan u were talking about for 650


    I wish I had no job and no debt, I would be gone tomorrow.  Unfortuneatly I have 2 kids in high school.  I have told them both that when my youngest goes to college, 4 years down the road, that I am selling the house and moving.  If I didn’t have the debt and kids though….  Find a job and start saving some cash, aeven a part time job, sice you have no debt you can build up a pile fairly quickly.  Get some cash in the bank and then go.

    Here is a off-the-wall suggestion though, and I’m not pimping the military or anything, see about a 2 year enlistment.  Save every penny you get for two years and then bounce.  I dont know if they still offer 2yr enlistments but ya never know.  When you think about it a 2yr enlistment is not really 2yrs.. Let me explain from an Air Force point of view:

    Basic Training is 6wks.  Depending on the job you get the technical school can be up to 6 month.  So right off the bat you have killed 7½ months of your 2yr enlistment just getting in and learning your job.  Take 30 days advanced leave after technical school and you are now at 8½ month down.  You get to your first duty station and have to go through OJT before you become deployable, lets say that take 3 months…11½ months down.  Take 10 days Recruiter Assistance and 5 days leave (vacation), and you just killed your 1st year.  You do your for a couple months, 95% sure you would not be deployed, then you start getting your seperation paperwork started.  before you know it the 2yrs is done, you’ve been banking $1000+ a month, and your out, debt free still and have $24K in the bank.

    Just a thought.  I had 2 young folks do it when I was active duty.  Would definetly get you the cash and some skills.




    It has taken me a life time to get to were I can go off the Grid.  Children raised and almost out of my wallet, Everything paid for except my cabin we just bought.  less than 9k.  We are buying as we go so when we retire we are debt free.   Oh yeah the Semi we drive I dont think you ever get them paid for. (giggle).   They always need care $$.   But once we get everything done at the land in OK then we have it figured that it will cost us less than 1k a month to live.  My military retirement and if SS is still there we will be very comfortable.

    The trick (for lack of another word) to living off grid is to be self sufficient, live simple and enjoy what you have not what you want.  Live as our grand parents lived before the modern word took control and the electronic world took away common sense thinking and living.

    KISS  Keep It SIMPLE Stupid goes alone way in living off the grid.

    It takes very little money if you have the skill set to DIY (do it yourself)  I built my first 2 solar panels for less than 85 dollars a peace.  Used ebay to get the solar cell kits and Lowes for the other items I needed.

    Save as much of your pay as you can and buy what you need a little at a time.  Prepare before you step into a completely new way of life.  DRAW up a plan and stick to it.  ALWAYS have a plan of attack.  Do the research then act upon your findings.

    I hope my rant has helped.

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