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    The 30 day rule (actually I think it’s 28 days) is in one year. Splitting your land into 12? – well, I’ve no idea how you’d stand legally. Think you’d need to check that out pretty carefully before you try, as I’m sure they’d be on to you and give you hell. There may poss. be a size limit written down, don’t know about that. The rule is really intended for farmers doing other things on their land for a short while in the year.

    I guess technically you are expected to pay council tax but as you say they’d never make it stick unless you were in the same place for months on end.

    As for sleeping in odd public places, I think the answer is to be discreet. I never had any real problem. Did get woken at 2 am one night by the cops banging on the van, but only because a nosy resident had seen me there a few times and guessed I was sleeping there. They’d told the cops I was an Irish Gypsy who was going round selling stolen goods. As soon as the cops saw that was a lie they apologised for disturbing me and left me be. My van looked not like a camper but just a panel van so few people could guess what it was. Park up late quietly, and leave early and nobody will ever know. Oh, and don’t use the same place too often, unless you’re sure you’ll not be bothering anybody. There’s hundreds of people doing it all around the country.

    One of the bigger problems is where to get your mail delivered. If you have family or friends who’s address you can use then that’s great.

    Generators – It may depend how big a welder to need to use, and how many hours you plan on running it. Mine’s 2500 watts. There are 3000 watt ones on Ebay for about £300 new. Probably plenty of cheaper used ones to be found. Pay your money and take your chance.



    Found two properties for sale nearby in Yorkshire. More interested in the .44 acres but two deralict properties a bonus! What fun!! guide price £5000, no water and asbestos to remove will put everyone off.


    There is a well!





    I would give the second cottage to the man who helped me piece these back together! Making some enquiries, no good without vehicle access. Possible compulsary purchase by A1 upgrade.


    “compulsary purchase by A1 upgrade”, what does that mean Edd?


    The A1 is a motorway, they are upgrading it from 2 lanes to 3. Compulsary purchase is the aquisition of all neccessary land by the Highways Agency

    Turns out I was right, the property was bought by the Highways Agency.


    Here in the USA that’s called “Eminent Domain”….


    Just had some pretty good news about the funds for some land that has doubled the budget I had in mind. I feel calmer already, knowing this life in a housing association trap is drawing to an end!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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