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    I’m 16 and fed up with this consumeristic society I live in the suburbs and am surrounded by people who’s lives are controlled and torn apart by this system. I cannot stand the mainstream school system but, i love to learn. I am looking to go off grid but still have communication to the outside world because if I can’t share with people the way we can all live harmoniously then what’s the point. Any advice is appreciated


    Hi ezboy2, being underage and wanting to strike out on your own is a hard combination, unless you can get your parents on board…. until you hit that magical 18 (and believe me, it will happen faster than you realize), you can learn, you can get experience too. I know you are wanting to get away from the money system, unfortunately it takes some money to survive in this world, that doesn’t mean you have to jump in to the monetary system with both feet, you will need to have some money to get started.

    You need to figure out what you wish to do and then figure out how you can get there, nothing happens all at once, it takes steps, a plan, a goal (that is in reverse order BTW).

    Now is the time to start. :)



    Im 18 years old and have the same situation of not liking school at all but I still love to learn, try new things and to be creative. I feel trapped and want to be free and self sufficient and live with nature. I just got onto this site it would be great to start making a plan to live off the grid and still having communication to the outside world would be good.


    TrufulaTree, I hated school too, how close are you to graduating? If you are close, then please consider going for it, or at the very least, get your GED, I know that school probably doesn’t sound like fun now, and you might not want to go to college NOW, but someday you might, and trust me, trying to get your GED when you have been out of school for even a few years is much harder than getting it when everything is still fresh in your mind. :)

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s the truth, it will also have a bearing on getting jobs later on, unfortunately it does take money to get along in this world, you don’t need a LOT of it, but you do need some to get started, that means earning it by working, be smart, work smart, do the right thing now and it will be much easier for you later on.



    Thanks Wretha. I dropped out and I currently am working full time in a kitchen. I was planning on getting the GED but I have to be have been out of school for a year first. I am currently saving money to hopefully go travelling or maybe buy some land and start a little community with other people, itd be cool if I could find people like me who would actually be interested in doing this within the next few years.


    best bet, join the military, get paid to finish your education and learnsomethng usefull
    at 18 i thought i knew it all too, now the older i get the more ignorant i realize i am
    and how totally braindead i was at 18

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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