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    We have started a small off-grid community in Ashe County…western North Carolina just west of the Blue Ridge Parkway… in the corner where North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia meet…off the beaten path…2900+ foot elevation, somewhat remote, 20 minutes to a really neat small town with many progressive farms locally. Ten acres of mostly hilly terrain, small stream, woods, concrete building about half done… rough and tumble till house is built…need to be in decent shape or working on getting in shape…seeking 2 or 3 like-minded folks, couple is ok… who want to attempt to be in a safe zone for the s%#tstorm barreling down on us. Small Rv can be accommodated Boondocking style…looking for a team player to help with growing food and help in keeping us secure. Beautiful area of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Having off-grid, construction, solar, gardening skills would be most helpful. As would having some assets or income for personal items. Having camping gear, supplies,long-term food etc would be welcome… Absolutely want no drama, no alcoholics, no druggies, no militaristic or preachy religious types…zero tolerance for any of this, otherwise we are nice people just wanting to survive and be left alone. Contact

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