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    Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully be willing to help.

    What my plan is: to come up with an easy to do follow the numbers plan to help people that are off the grid add to their income so they can get the things they need to make their life a bit better. I know how to do this and have taught it to people around the world but the circumstances here are a bit different. If anyone can help by answering a few questions I believe it would enable me to produce something that could really help in changing the lives of those in the community.

    For those of you that want to check me out please feel free to start with Google and then please look around mine and my families sites, our life is an open book from being on the internet.

    Greg Mulac, Stephanie and our daughters Marina and Morgan, all social networks like Facebook we all use our name so just add gregmulac and you can see a snapshot of my daily life.

    Back to what I need to make this work.

    1.How much money would really make a difference? 10, 100 or 1000 dollars a month, really what would be the goal to really take a worry away from your current lifestyle? If not off yet what will it take monthly for you to do it?

    2.How much time can you commit to it to make it work, that’s using a computer and then connected to the internet, could be 2 different answers, a lot can be done off line.

    3.Getting money, is paypal or another payment service ok, or does it need to be a check?

    4.Do you currently own any domain names, hosting, autoresponders or use any free services for blogs or sites?

    5.Would you enjoy writing about your current life or hobbies and turning that into a money stream?

    6.Have you ever had an idea for a business that you never acted on?

    I know a lot of people don’t like answering in public so please feel free to email me , any one that helps I will give one of our products to you, I will pick one for each based on your feedback and what will help you the most.

    Thanks again, Greg


    Thanks to those sending me replies in gmail. hope more people try to help


    This is one of the better practical suggestions I have seen so far. Looking at the numerous threads started on this forum it becomes obvious most people have difficulty even formulating their ideas into a workable plan.

    Going off grid may be as simple as disconnecting from the power utility but replacing that with something else you can live with takes some money. Few people know how to make money without a job. I quickly learned a color Canon copier to print money with simply doesn’t work. < smile>

    Even if you get the land for free you need some basic implements to cultivate the garden plot and cut the trees to build a house and heat it in cold weather. Greg has the marketing expertise to help you and I have the engineering background to help you develop a way to make energy even if you do not live in the sun belt where a few solar panels is enough to get by on.

    I live at latitude 54 north where we have 6 months of winter and winter temps hitting -30 for days or weeks on end. My wife was born and raised in this country on an off-grid homestead. At age 20 she bought her own one room log cabin with nothing but a kerosene lantern for light and a stone fire place for heat and cooking. I’m lucky; I started my off grid life in a prefabricated home – first a boat and later on a 37 foot RV motorhome.

    I am familiar with designing and building stand alone power systems for yachts that are off grid having earned my living doing it. I grew up in a semi rural enviroment. I quickly learned how to be a mechanic and general handiman Spent most of my adult working life in engineering or manufacturing jobs. We are here to help you.

    Nick Rosen

    Hello Greg!

    Only US based?

    I am in Spain, Europe…



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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