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    Hi Matt – how exciting !

    One thing you should consider if you have really strong winds is to get a dump load for the excess electricity from your wind generator. You can let the excess solar “float” but if you’re battery bank from the wind generator is full you risk a fire/explosion because the power has to go somewhere. The dump load can be electric water heating, space heating – anything logical really.

    Have you worked out the output from solar and the output from wind over the year ? Try to balance the system so that you have contributions from both for cover you. Find a graph on the ‘net for the hours of sun over the year and the windspeeds over the year and superimpose them. That will help you (and us!) decide how you should spend your money.


    Oh, just one thing, the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa are working on solar energy – contact them to find out if you could perhaps be part of their programme or get some sort of grant aid. They’ll also be able to help with data, suppliers and lots of other things.

    Putting a well balanced system together can be complicated but it’s not difficult if you take one step at a time.

    Good quality components are produced in northern Europe, but the Chinese can’t be beat for price and delivery. A lot of our equipment is Chinese and so far we’ve had no problems.

    If you need practical help about sizes of cables, inverters, controllers etc. just ask.

    Nick Rosen

    Aloha From Hawaii…. My name is Matt and I am ready to gain my freedom from the grid. I have year round sun and strong wind, and anticipate a hybrid Solar, Wind, Generator, Battery Bank System.

    I have never put a system together before and would appreciate the expertise of those in the forum.

    My Budget is $12,000 USD.

    Here’s What I Need To Know:

    What Specific Brands of Equiptment Should I Order?


    Pole and Height

    Solar Panels

    Mounting Brackets

    Array Connector




    Battery Componets


    What am I forgetting?

    Where should I make these purchases?

    Where should I obtain the Instructions on putting the system together since this will be my first build?

    Thank you in advance for anything you can share with me to help me get offgrid. I am anxious to make my orders and get this project started.

    Carpe Diem,


    Nick Rosen

    Hardworkinghipp… Mahalo for you toughts and feedback. To answer your question, I have not yet done an output assestment. Where might I go to get the graphs needed for the calculations?

    In the mean time…

    To be honest, I am deeply concerned about the political, financial, and social stability of the US… And I’m looking to set up a system really as soon as possible.

    I understand that it’s normally important to do good due diligence before setting up the system… but for peace of mind purposes, I’m looking to have a system setup for this time next month…. no later.

    If you had $12K to spend on a new system to be installed at a location that gets 9 hours of direct sunlight per day, and 4 full days per week of 15 – 20+ MPH winds… What componets would you buy? From Where?

    I am looking forward to making a purchase and starting the shipping process by the end of the week!!!

    I appreciate your feedback, and that of all forum members.




    Matt, find out about the government scheme to give you a grant of 30% – probably only offered if you have your system supplied and fitted by a registered installer but check on this to find out if you can do it yourself !

    Here’s one link :

    Have a look on the ‘net for other suppliers and get an estimate from them within your budget.


    That’s great, this forum page have more information about to related Hybrid Off Grid Project.



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