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    my fiancee and i are still undecided about the land, i’ld say we’re 95% sure on making this our home. i’ve been camping up here with chowan for a week now and getting to know my way around alright. i’ve been able to make friends at a couple tire shops in wells, ne, about a 30 minute drive down the mountain side. as it’s a small traveler’s town everyone seems to know whats going on. i inquired aboout a local physician and found out the local doc for 15 years just retired but everyone seems to like the new guy alright. the closer town of motello is good for emergency food and fuel as everything is marked up a bit due to distance from a near town. the grocery store in montello does have ups shipping which is a plus. asking around montello i found out that the post office is under review and might be closed in 6 months but it sounds like they have a good fight. as far as the land goes… there are 3 reliable wells close by and the landscape is beutiful. the earth here is a great source for cement which is a plus as that will cut down on some building costs. i wouldn’t bother trying to make it without a truck or suv, but it is a fun drive in. chowan himself is a great and knowledgeable guy, humorous aswell and would be a great neighbor for anyone who decides to move up here.


    Sounds like some good stuff.


    Hey guys/gals, this is Jeremy from the ‘Let’s Build A Village’ post. First off, let me start by saying Montello and Tecoma Valley is a “pocket-of-freedom” so we can build what we want. Saying that, everyone should visit and research what my wife and I are building. I have purchased 10 acres in this valley at the base of the Pilot Peak Mountain range. I know quite a few people already that have either moved or are moving to this area ASAP. Having known these people for a few years now I can speak for them when I say, We want a community of caring people who simply want a ‘free’ life and want to take care of themselves by working hard and working together. We want to get as far out of the ‘system’ as we can and then only real way to do that is within a community that takes care of each other.

    As for the land in this area, I can direct you to this family owned company that sells plots of land for SUPER cheap wholesale. They also finance! This is who we and a lot of the others have purchased their land through and we’re all quite happy with their service.

    Looking at this area, it is much dryer than we are use to here In Tennessee so I have done EXTENSIVE research for the last 3 years. There is PLENTY of rainfall in this valley for permaculture farming and roof water catchment and cistern storage. If you visit Geoff and Ellen’s Alpaca Ranch blog at you can see that Geoff has proven permaculture to work in this area.

    If ANYONE has questions regarding Montello/Tecoma Valley, permaculture, Earthships, off-grid systems/living just direct you Replies to me and I will answer what I can as soon as I can. My wife and I are extremely excited and anxious to get going in Montello and building a community! Later everyone!


    good to hear from you jeremy I second the recomendation for they are a great source of cheap land thats where i purchased mine through.they did a great job with pictures maps and commentary which allowed me to basically buy site unseen


    check this website out tell me what you think.


    I would like to visit if that is possible, I am looking for some remote property. I am just(if yer driving) north of ya in Hammett Idaho. How do I communicate with you? I am also planning a trip to the Montello area to check that area out also. Thanks.


    hi tc625 pity this site does not have an instant message feature

    hint hint to the mods lol.

    easiest way to contact without me putting up my email for the spam bots

    is through youtube user damocsell a couple of other people have done that

    This is my channel

    just had a early winter storm come through it was kind of a novelty

    but have got a lot to get done before the real winter weather gets here.


    I read just the first few post of this thread and I just want to chime in that I have always loved the idea of a small tavern type town. There are so many styles to choose from be it Medieval English style or Irish, Scottish, Colonial ect. It makes me think of a Robin Hood type town which I so desire. Good to know that there are those who share my thoughts!


    Chowan –

    I was reading your post about shoemakers and candlemakers. I have both skills. I can crochet moccasins or I can make them out of various leathers and skins. Especially buffalo leather. I can also do all of the fancy bead and design work that goes along with them. I can also make boots and leggings.

    I have an interest in raising sheep so I could definetly get the wool. Creating yarn is not nearly as hard as one would think it is and can be done by hand instead of machines although it is a time consuming process. Dyes are best when natural. With sheep wool however the hairs tend to be water resistant and thus harder to dye but it can be done with berries and other natural, renewable, locally available products. If in a pinch you can use kool aid. You can even dye your hair with kool aid but I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Originally the Native Americans used quills that were sorted and dyed to create their designs. Beads were only used after the 1850’s when traveling traders came into contact with the tribes.

    For candles I would need salt, borax, some cotton thread and beeswax. It is not difficult to make the candles and wicks. However I am highly allergic to bee stings so someone else who perhaps is a honeymaker would have to supply me. Beeswax is easy to attain. You generally get around one pound per every ten pounds of honey. It is a byproduct of the honey making process so if someone were to make honey on a big enough scale they could certainly supply it. Other options include soy or plant based candles. There is even a wax that is made from lanolin which comes from sheep so combining yarnmaking and candlemaking would make sense.

    In regards to the owners who want to bring in others to have things done I think I might look into that possibility. I will likely need help from those who are more experienced than myself and I know that there are plenty of others who would want to learn too. Although I would want to keep the properties for myself I would be more than willing to help others out in return for their services be it with money, skills, equipment, supplies, an extra set of hands, a place to stay ect. Fair is fair and I wouldn’t expect anyone to help me out unless I did something in return for them as well. That is is just being a good neighbor. I would like to not only get myself set up but to help others as well.

    Resources like money and time I have a good supply of. Things like motivation I don’t have a good supply of unless it is something that I really want to do which is why I make it a point to help others out before they help me since I need to do the work before I get the reward. It is not because I am greedy or selfish but because I know that I am a naturally procrastinating individual and I want to be a good neighbor so in order to accomplish that I need to do good unto them first to assure that I will hold up my end of the bargain before I will let them help me out.

    I too can see those around me who are broke and struggling. My parents are having to declare bankruptcy next year and I want to make sure that I never have to deal with that situation. I kind of feel like the pig who builds his house out of bricks. If troubled times were to ever come my families way I know I would want to be able to help them help themselves and I can’t do that if I am not prepared.

    I also agree with elnav’s point about the storing and protection of knowledge. I have a massive book collection. In my dream home I would actually want to have a plan to add on a huge library. I much prefer books over Kindles since I have a tendency to break electronics. A good library would be something that a community would certainly require in my opinion. I love books about native species and specialized knowledge so my collection would make a good start.

    These forums make for such good reading!


    you sure have many skills and knowledge for a youngin lol

    I take my hat of to you its rare someone so young has such


    can i ask what the salt and borax is for with candle making

    is that used to treat the cotton thread to make it a better wick?


    Thank you. :)

    I have always been a lone duck when it comes to pretty much everything I enjoy. I lived with my Grandmother and Great Grandmother who taught me many things. As the old saying goes ‘A child of the depression wastes nothing.’. I certainly watched and learned from them. I am also in college currently working towards a major in Linguistics and I think I might follow that up with getting a foundation in Holistic Medicine.

    The salt and borax are used for creating the wicks. I have found that cotton tends to work the best for wick making but other fibers can work well. Instead of buying store bought wicks I like to make them by hand since I can work the strands tighter and create a longer and safer burning wick.


    Chowan, I was wondering if you still have some 10 acres parcels, and would like to visit with you about them if you do. I’ve got some money and some skills I’d love to offer. I like what I’ve read in this thread. Thanks.

    I was also wondering, do you currently live at this property full time? If so, what do you use for internet?


    yes I still have parcells and there are many more in the area from other sources yes i live at this property full time but have yet to go through a full

    winter here and that could be a lot of fun lol. Internet is via cell phone

    which has many drawbacks but if i ever get enough people nearby we may be able to do a satelite link.I could produce the power needed to run that on a full time basis

    got 2 groups of people maybee still interested in my properties but with winter coming in i dont think much is going to happen untill next spring

    I have not been looking for neighbors recently as there is not enough time

    now to get set up before winter

    elevation here is over 6000 feet and i have snow and 17 degree weather coming in the next few days so its about to get real cold and isolated.

    hehe if i have not scared you off yet please send me a mail through my

    youtube channel and we can talk some more.

    i should be able to get another update video done this week for those interested.


    I think you should all know that chowan is a very mean guy. He hates puppies and kittens.

    Till I get out there in the spring and grab my choice of land…none of you want to meet him or go out there. AFTER that happens, he will be healed…just by my presence. THEN you can talk about buying land out there.


    (Till I bless it, trust me, you don’t want to check it out.) LOL


    Hey bud, stay warm!!


    By the way, chowan is a really nice guy. In case you missed the humor in my post, let me make it perfectly clear that i was KIDDING.

    (But I really never asked him about his like or dislike of puppies or kittens.) LOL

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