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    NOTE: You may have to go deeper in maine or alaska or canada

    Did you know that 3 ft under the ground all across the USA etc the earth is 56 degrees year round. That means to bring it to a comfortable 70 degrees one only needs to raise the temperature 14 degrees. However if on builds on top of the ground then if the outside temperature is say zero then one has to bring the building up 70 degrees to be comfortable.. or visa versa if its 100 degrees outside the building can easily reach that unless one goes 3 feet below the ground and uses the 56 degrees to cool .. That is what people did before they had power.. they lived in caves or dug caves or basements .. the worse type of constrction is one that is built on a slab.. Also using stone is best to slow the temperature change which is conducting from a basement to the first floor. That means stone carries the cooling thru it. Wood or any other material stop transfer of that cooling effect.. since the future holds for increased heat people need to go deeper in the ground to survive. Metal will rust wood will rot straw will mold but natural stone will last for eons.. I use to make liquid oxygen and nitrogen and i learned all about heat transfer. conduction convection evaporation condensation which i utilized in the late 80’s and early 90’s to build green home in the phila pa suburbs. My basements were 13 feet below ground in the rear and 7 feet below in the front. My homes used that natural 56 degrees yr round for cooling and heating. I did pour concrete basements and then went up with cinder blocks filled with perlite. My homes cost 1/12th the same size 2400 sq ft homes. I rented them to recovering drug addicts and alcoholics as i was also recovering. Later on i will tell you about how i started a recycling center in 1975 in N. Calif when they closed the burning dump and opened a container site. Today i have a small farm in central pa and i am seeking one hard worker to help me do some more work here. see my site here to see what this mid to late 50 yr old did the last 15 months.​Central_Pa_Mountain_farm___for_​Hip_open_minded_people

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