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    I have 6 video clips on you tube describing my simple solar homestead, solar

    cabin, and the systems I use to run the homestead.

    Each clip is about 5 minutes long. you can watch them all or pick the ones you

    are interested in.

    1- Solar Homesteading Introduction:

    2- Simple Solar Homesteading Intro continued…

    3- Solar electrical system:

    4- Cabin Interior:

    5- Composting toilet and solar tv:

    6- Loft and office:



    This is great LaMar, I’ll be writing about this soon! :)


    Nick Rosen

    I have seen the video clips. They are really good.

    Nick Rosen

    I watched them. Great work!

    Nick Rosen

    Wow, fantastic job! Cheers


    Hello, I found you cabin on youtube this last winter. I will be beganing my own this fall. My plans r about 20×20 with a loft. And a porch all the way around. Like an old farm house.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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