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    I have never seen a practical discussion about medical care off the grid. Is the plan just to show up to the ER and get free care? This is not a very responsible solution. Obamacare or universal healthcare is not the solution either. Obamacare just cuts reimbursement to physicians and taxes device makers and everyone with insurance to pay for those without. Someone has to pay for free healthcare. If the plan is get free care and then not pay the bill then the person is just taking a handout. If handouts are acceptible then just go on disability and medicaid and get free electricity at someone else’s expense. I would hate to go to all the effort to life off the grid and then die from a kidney stone or diabetes.


    You sound like a republican. I happen to be a vietnam era veteran and support barack Obama. I also have been healing myself for many yrs. I found out a long time ago there is more cost to going to a hospital than there is if one deals with their own injuries.

    For cuts and gashes i have used any dried green leafy material to clot the blood.

    For any upset stomachs or feelings of internal sickness from foods eaten or water drank i quickly burn some toast and eat the charcoal which absorbs everything like a filter.

    For pain well some alcohol does help but the body can also produce its own chemicals if one learns to be patient and allow the body to create its own natural pain killers.

    Borken bones are another thing. It is best to go to a hospital or to a local doctor who can reset and cast the bone in place.

    Drinking lots of water is always best to keep the kidneys clean as well as eating lots of radishes. They break down kidney stones.

    The computer also helps and recently i learned about shingles and healed my mom with vitamin C and B 12 and L lyseine and i kept her bathed in apple cider vinegar which makes an acidic medium which the shingles (chicken pox0 virus doesn’t like.

    Old fashion clorox bleach diluted in water will kill germs in many places. I use it periodically for rinsing my mouth out to kill germs when i get a feeling that i might be getting an infection. I also use salt wrapped up in paper towels to lay in the gums to absorb any infection in a bad tooth etc.. It may take a few days but it works especially if you use the diluted bleach with it in between packing your gums.

    Drinking applecider vinegar with water and honey makes for a great natural cleanser to the bowels. The honey and water makes it easier to drink.

    Stressed or pulled tendons or muscles need time to heal. Its best to just rest and not use them. They will reattach themselves to the bones if you tear them.

    Any headache issues its best to take as many hot chili peppers as possible. It also helps to keep your blood thinned. The mexicans hardly ever have heart problems due to the hot peppers they eat.

    Asprin is also a great thing to have around to help with simple pain and to help with any heart issues. My almost 90 yr old mom takes it when she has any feelings of stress in her heart or to help with back pain.

    I also give her glucosamine and chondroitin which lubricates the cartiledge between the joints. It takes at least a month for enough to get built up for it to start working.

    Eating lots of your homegrown veggies verses lots of meats is also good for the body. Many wild onions grow everywhere and also dandylions which can be added to any soups or salads. Garlic is also the easiest thing to grow planted the summer before in july or august will provide a great crop by june the next yr. The garlic will help with immune issues. also no animals or pest eats them.

    sunchokes are also great to grow and will grow everywhere even in bad soil. Some people call them jerusalem artichokes.

    Tomato’s are great to eat and great for your health as well. Easy to grow for most people. Also grow yams or sweet potato’s which are very healthy and easy to grow. Just dig a hole and drop them in good soil and keep watered but now wet.

    I could go on and on and well i am sure many others here will add more to my list.


    I live off grid, but even when I didn’t live off grid, I tended to be more self sufficient than the average person. I have written several articles on this subject. I take care of my own minor medical problems, if I get a broken bone or have an accident or get sick enough to require a doctor’s attention, then I will go to the doctor, fortunately I live in a small town/community and have several doctors that work with people on low incomes. Here are the links to the “self help” medical articles, the first one is about dental health, something we often forget about until tooth problems arise…



    Why do people try and inject politics into everything? It is not a race issue either. The issue is major medical problems, not bumps and scratches. Off the grid types are going to be healthier than the general public due to better diet and being more fit. Medical care is a product like anything else, you either pay for it or steal it. The people who provide care go to school for years and have overhead like anyone else. They deserve to be compensated. People are certainly at liberty to barter or negotiate for their care, but it is not free. What do you do about broken bones, heart attacks, cancer, major infections? There is no herb for a traumatic leg amputation. I am not trying to be rude, I am just looking for intelligent discussion.


    Jenna you injected politics with your OBAMACARE.

    As for end of life care or major issues thats why we now have a new healthcare system to cover the poor and elderly and disabled.

    Myself i will try to die at home as i am trying to have my 89 yr old mom do living with me. I have saved the healthcare system a lot by keeping mom with me.

    Please do not use obamacare. Its the new healthcare bill that passed.


    It certainly pays to have knowledge of medicine, from treating wounds to herbalism. The pioneers had no hospital to go to, but the fact is; being off-grid doesn’t necessarily mean you are far from medical facilities.

    Prevention is important wherever you are.

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