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    being the sort of person that does not buy things and also recycles just about everything
    i make my own potting soil and even add the same stuff to my gardens. here are some of the
    things i add to make the soil healthier for growing bigger harvests.

    sawdust… as long as you arent using black walnut youre pretty safe but you need to know
    your soil pH before you add much. acidy soils do not need pine sawdust, it makes them
    more acid, oak will do the same just not as bad

    planer shavings…these actually hold more moisture than the sawdust and last longer, they also
    make and keep the soil fluffier for easy root development, taters and carrots grow nice this
    way, the same applies for shavings as sawdust, some woods are just more acidic.

    rabbit manure… worms and plants both love this stuff, rabbit manure is the only manure you can
    put straight on a plant and not overdo it

    grass clippings… these tend to get hot in bulk, specially if they are wet and green, dry them first
    or mix them with sawdust and compost them a while before addign them.

    moldy hay… same as grass clippings, just chop it up with the lawn mower before adding it

    shredded paper… this stuff does work but you want it mixed in good or it compacts and forms
    something akin to hardpan, it will eventually rot away but not for a year or so

    pet fur… yes it helps!, it not only holds moisture which helps yopu not have to water as much
    but the scent keeps some pests away, just mix it in good or it will do the same as shredded paper

    kitty litter… the clay kind, it does wonders for sandy soils, makes them a bit stickier so they
    hold more moisture, a little epsom salt does the same, just dont add too much

    now that you have made your soil healthier and planted your garden, you can use most of these additives
    as a mulch to help keep the soil beneath moist longer and cut down on weed growth, then next season
    just till the mulch in and make your soil even more healthy :)


    I use 1/3 top soil, 1/3 rabbit manure, 1/3 2 year old yard waste compost.  No peat and no vermiculite. That cost too much for me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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