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    Stunning pics of off grid living with low tech or no tech – For me I can only live off grid because the technology has made it possible – easy and comfortable. but others want to get away from the tech as much as the rest fot he system. How do you feel?


    For me it’s more about reducing dependancy on outside sources to take care of me and my family. People have lost that ability, and there are a large number of people out there trying to refind self sufficiency. To me it’s important skills to be familiar with and execute. Then we lessen the worries involved if we interject ourselves into “typical” society. If you lose a job, go bankrupt, and lose everything. You can still find a way to care for your family without depending on outside sources like the government to do it for you.

    In the long run I also see financial issues cropping up the world over that are going to throw many people into poverty with a quickness and the governments will not have the money to support it. Those desperate people will either create chaos or some will just buckle down and work toward living.

    If you already have the skills, then you can actually thrive through even the worst of difficult times. For me it’s independance and freedom. It’s a BETTER way of life. No rat race, no ungrateful and greedy corporations taking advantage of it’s workers to get rich. No stress of the commute, the job market closing up, lay offs, and other uncertainties. It’s about providing for yourselves and your families and at best an entire community working together to support each other, without having to worry about anyone else to do it for them. It’s the way things should be, it’s the way things always were before dependancy and technology destroyed the community based way of living for the majority of the world. When communities worked together to the betterment of each other, the world thrived, the people thrived, communities were close knit, families were close knit, live was simpler, people were happier.

    These days people pursue careers, money, and belongings rather than friends, families, and community. All of it in the pursuit of true happiness. Long story short, spending the majority of your week working your butt off with all the stresses, all the pressures, and all for the pursuit of the want to haves and the keeping up with the Jones’ is not a happy lifestyle. It’s a slave type lifestyle that while it has it’s happy moments, it is rarely a long lived happiness, but more of a short lived sense of accomplishment followed by a back to the grind misery. None of that is worthy of ignoring the importance of Friends, Family, and Community. I wouldn’t trade my friends, family, community, or life goals for all the big houses in the world, all the luxury cars in the world, or all of the money in the world.

    The human race is losing it’s way, and in the end we’re all going to suffer for it. Technology can’t replace what’s been lost. Our identities are gone, we’re now just another face on facebook/twitter, we’re now just a bunch of text in a chat box, we are now nothing more than bodies floating around to the drone of slavery. Slavery to the almighty dollar.

    Well, that’s not who I am, nor who I will raise my family to be. We will be free self sufficient human beings. And the moment anyone tries to take that away and replace it with something else is the day we become warriors, because the life and freedom I want for my family is worth fighting for.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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