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    Hi Folks, just letting everyone know I have over 10 tiny off grid cabin designs all under 200 sqft and tons of off-grid videos of my own 14×14 cabin including all the power, water and septic systems and other projects on my youtube channel:

    I will have my new book “Ten Tiny Cabins” out by the end of 2013




    If you have not used it yet I suggest you download Google Sketchup free version and then look for some plugins to add. But the basic version would probably work for what you are doing without any plugins. There are you tube instructional vids on how to use Sketchup. As a matter of fact there was several on drawing a tiny trailer cabin. Honestly Google Sketchup is easy to use with only a little practice. You can then get screenshots of views by pressing “prt scr” key which copies the screen to they paste bin. Open up PC Paint and paste into it. Then draw a box around the image you want for your book and crop it. Next save it as a file type that you may use in your book.

    On my blog on my log cabin article, my green building article and DIY metal buildings article I have some examples on display at the top in galleries. These are some design concepts that I’m working on. I still have a lot more to do to those.  It takes a bit of practice and watching the vids but you can get your dimensions exact if you want. Honestly Sketchup is far simpler and easier to use than anything like Autocad.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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