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    Hello, my name is Roy I’m 35 year old male. I have limited experience in carpentry and laying carpet. I live in Louisville KY and for the past few years I have worked on supply boats learning the ins and outs of boat life. I am an AB limited, which means I clean, chip and paint boats, general boat maintenance. I also hold a 100ton captain 200 ton mate near coastal license. All my certs are US Coast guard approved. With Dec 21, 2012 around the corner, I want to start making preparations to go off grid. I don’t know what will happen, so I want to be prepared just in case. My dream is to live off grid where I can wright my books, design my video games, grow and raise my own food. I want to learn. Also I want to be able to travel and always have some place called home but without the bills. I like to live in a nice tropical area, where I can grow food plentifully; Fishing is good and plenty of exploring. I would like to be in an environment like the Venus project, But since that is a pipe dream, I’m gravitating to spiral island idea just with more modern convinces. I’m starting off buying the solar generator and motors for the boat. Once I have acquired that and the boat I want to start to build a barge like attachment so there will be room to grow the food and other amenities. This would make a nice community project. My plans are to always stay close to land for safety reasons. I don’t want risk our lives I want to enjoy this human experience. I have a plan on how to construct everything but I would like to have positive people involved. What good is it to have the perfect place to go by myself? Everyone would work together for the common good of the whole. I believe it can be done. And with 12/21/12 just around the corner I want to at least change from this non-working economic slavery to something else. No one will care in 3000 years if I work on a boat for 50 years or if I enjoyed my life. I am choosing to enjoy my life more. I have given the idea of getting some land and living on it but I run into the problem of taxes. And eventually the land will be taken. If there is a way around that I’m all ears. Also in this community I would like to learn how we can continually improve what we have. I also would like to have some sort of education program were we can learn mathematics science and how to understand the not only the masculine and the feminine in all things, to understand not just one thing but everything. I want to have a place where I can learn from everyone. I love languages. I am open to just about any idea that will help me in my path, my journey of the human experience. If there was a place like this, I would leave ASAP and become a resident.

    If you’re interested email I at to get an idea of who I am you can look me up on YouTube under japsodute. I have a few videos up. Thank you for your time!

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