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    Looking For Others To Share Off-Grid Living

    We are a married couple; wife is 57 and husband is 58. We are very active and not afraid of hard work or jumping in and getting things accomplished. We are looking for like minded couples (probably 2 couples to start) or single adults who are not tied to a city-lifestyle; who would like to share living on acreage and doing organic gardening and other enjoyable projects. We are looking for long-term people who are considerate, caring, open-minded, non-judgmental, free-thinking, no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking; who share a vision of a simple life-style, becoming self-sustainable and helping one another to achieve this goal.

    We live in the Lassen foothills, Shasta County, Northern California.

    We live off-grid on 40+ acres, approximately 15 miles out of town. Neighbors are few and far between. The surrounding area is comprised of thousands of acres of undeveloped land, peaceful and quiet, home to eagles, geese, ducks, wild turkey, deer, quail, birds, birds, birds, rabbits, and a myriad of other creatures.

    We currently are using solar for electricity, propane for cooking and refrigerator, wood for heat, and generator for pumping well water. We would like to convert the well water to solar. In summer we run a solar cooler. We also have wireless internet and cell phone.

    We would like to pool efforts with everyone sharing expenses and the workload so as to still have plenty of time to just enjoy life. We believe in everyone contributing their fair share and everyone reaping the rewards. We would like to have a garden large enough to supply all of our vegetables and maybe some to sell at local farmers markets; or if someone wanted to, there is plenty of room to keep expanding. We have a seasonal creek and a seasonal pond, however the ponds in this area can and have been made into year-round ponds by digging them down to 25 feet deep, which is just a matter of renting an excavator and doing it.

    Living arrangements would have to be discussed as we live in a small mobile which we converted into a 1 bedroom. We are open to all ideas and would like to meet others with the same vision.

    we are at 750 ft elevation in the oak covered foothills. Mild winters, beautiful spring and fall weather, hot in the summer months from june through august. We “might” get a dusting of snow(usually melts before it hits the ground or is 1/2″ and melts right off)maybe one or two days out of the winter. We get no more snow than Redding and our weather is comparible to Redding. We are about 25 miles out of Redding. For those who are concerned about “town” and surrounding area, and want to get an idea of hospitals, shopping, recreation(lakes, hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing,etc) read about Redding area here,_California


    I would like to live up in shasta. I want to live off grid. That is a dream come true for me and my family my son jesse 20 trs.a good hard worker and my three daughgters malaina 17. Rosa 9 and natalie 8 and our sweet family dog rocky.I love to garden and I am not afraid of hard work and I am happy to move. I am a caregiver and love my work. Please write me back. Ok thankyou


    Shasta is an area we have been interested in. We’re a married couple, 51 and 44, who have a 12 year old son. Would love to talk with you. :-) Looking forward to learning more.


    I am very interested as well. I will be living in tahoe california this summer for work, then i want to get off grid with a buddy of mine. We are both 20, young and fit people who want to live sustainable lives. We would love to know if there are any opportunities for us at your place :)


    Any progress on your plans? My wife and I are probably heading in that direction with our two daughters in the near future. We’ll be mobile/semiOG in our motorhome while awaiting a land deal in northern AZ, hopefully soon, and looking for anyone who could use an extra set of hands in trade for a spot to park for a week or so.


    @ EyesWideOpen, hello, and where in northern AZ is your land deal? I currently live in Prescott and would like to buy 40 acres or more up around Seligman or Ash Fork.


    I am interested in this lifestyle. I am single 48 female empty nester looking for others who share this vision. i would like to see how things are going and I have a lot to learn here so i hope to hear more soon.



    We are a young couple 24&26 who are looking into heading off the grid. We could help now on the weekends and in the new year full time. We live 2hours 45minutes drive from you so we can easily make it most weekends. I have experience in building electronics and general knowledge of most tools/equipment.

    We would love to talk to you.


    I’m very interested in this Off-Grid living. Ready to move and 55-year husband and wife. Really want to know about the situation and get permission to visit to talk about this, please respond


    Interested to share off-grid living. We are a couple with 1 child, ages 48, 49 and 12. We prefer the simple life. Have always entertained the idea of living off-grid for awhile now but never focused on it, now it is time to do so. Looking forward to hear from you my email Thanks.


    I have not read here in awhile. There has been changes in our off-grid situation since I first posted here a couple of yrs ago. I see people are still replying to my post.

    Here are the changes in our situation since I first posted here. At the time of starting this thread we had 40 acres off-grid. We have since sold that place and recently have purchased 10 acres off-grid. We are still in the same area outside of Redding, CA. We are now getting things put together on this off-grid acreage. We would eventually like to purchase larger acreage, but for the time being we will use this as a stepping stone to get where we eventually like to be.(somewhere on 100 or more acres)

    We are still looking for people to join us and help us all get to where we want to be. Working together with others is always easier and much faster than working at something alone. Off-grid living can be very demanding at times and takes a lot of work, and sometimes there are not enough hours in a day for two people to get everything done; whereas a handful of people can jump in and accomplish everything and have plenty of time left to do what they enjoy doing.

    So with all of that said here is what we are looking for…. a few like minded people who want to work together to eventually get everything set up on large acreage(or smaller acreages which are adjoined), and creat a self-sustaining community where everyone helps one another so no one is out there on their own trying to take care of everything alone.

    We now have a solar well where we are at. At the moment we have the solar panels but have not had time to put them up yet, so we run the well by using a generator. We have put up a mobile on the property and in the process of getting that all finished. We have been here about 3 months now and starting all over but we have everything we need. We do have internet out here.

    We are close to town but very isolated. If one needs to run into town, it is only a few miles, but if you do not want to see anyone, there is no one out here to see. We have very few people ever come out here, and we like to keep it that way.

    We do have ways to generate income that anyone can help do, so if you have no income, that is not a problem “IF” you are willing to jump in and help work. So you do not have to worry about finding a “job” if you do not want to.

    What we hope to do is find people who are hard workers who will jump in here with us and work our butts off in order for everyone to end up self-sufficient. We have been off-gridders since the 80’s. We are not new to this and we definitely know how to survive off-grid and live a reasonably normal life without all the having to conform to a society that has turned into a ratrace of greedy ruthless people; whom I have no desire to be around. We also like to do what we want to do and not have someone complaining that we need to conform to their ways of thinking. We are just very independent people who like to live the way we want to live and don’t want anyone telling us we can’t. We are “live and let live” people who just want to be left alone. We have found the way to do this, still support ourselves, enjoy the peace and quiet and not be sucked into the craziness of city-life.

    We would expect everyone to be drug-free,however, we are not opposed to medicinal marijuana so long as you are not stoned out of your mind all day. If you can use MMJ and still function, we do not care about that. What we do not want is people on drugs and drunk. I also have a real problem with tobacco smoking and cig butts. So that is something I would not like at all.

    I figure it is best to be “up-front” about dislikes and what drives a person up the wall, than to get into a situation where you don’t say something and it gets to the point someone can’t handle it and everything falls apart. There are many communities out there, so people should join one that they “fit” in with, rather than settle for one that is not optimum for them and find out later on they are not happy being a part of the community.

    we are at the age of 60 now, but we are not people who act nor think 60. Most of the people I get along with are either young people (20’s/30’s) or they think like young people. I like to have fun and laugh even if it is in the midst of hard work or a bad situation. We are not the kind of people who just sit around and complain that we hurt and can’t do something. We are not “oh, woe is me” type of people.

    We like living a simple life. We are not materialist AT ALL. Even when we have money we do not live like we do. I would rather put all my money into acreage and setting up solar, buying things to “work the land”, etc., as opposed to having “things”. I do love gardening and flowers; I like to make everything as green as possible(takes some work in the summer in Shasta County. We also have two dogs who are definitely our “family”, so people who consider joining us really have to love dogs and be considerate of their feelings. They are both rescue dogs who had a hard time before they came to live with us, so they are spoiled as can be. LOL And because of their past abuse and being they have been out off-grid since being with us, they are not use to other dogs.

    If you still think you might be a match with us after reading all the above, please contact me at


    Hi Shasta, I have much in common with you both and am interested in knowing more about your new property. Is adjoining land avaliable, accessable and how much is it. I have the funds to buy into something that you are talking about and as you say, 10 acres isn’t enough. Did you have to drill your own well, how deep is it and is the water controlled by anyone other than yourselves. Nothing on earth is more important or valuable than Water so that is the key factor on my decision to settle somewhere. I hope to hear from you soon, Take care and keep up the good work.


    Hi I’m interested in helping out. I tryed replying to you shasta but email address was no good. I need a off grid partner in ca.

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