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    Hello fellow off-griders to be:

    I am moving towards creating and building a sustainable off-grid home environment to promote a higher conscious awareness to live in health and harmony with Mother Earth and all living things. I anticipate permaculture, organic gardening, orchards, bee keeping along with solar, Greywater-catch systems, and sawdust toilets…absolutely NO waste only ecofriendly materials.

    For most of my professional life, I have been in education/teaching and hold a Master degree in education with various undergraduate degrees. I have been on the Clean water Council and worked for them back in PA in the 1980s and have always been a conservationist and an environmentalist, hiking much of the Appalachians. I have picked wild blackberries and thimbleberries along the way. I strive to “work” less and “live” more by living simple which reaps the benefits of physical, spiritual and emotional health. To know what it really means to live. I have many creative ideas to earn a profit if need be because when you live think, say and act intentionally from the heart everything flows. Positive energy attracts positive energy and you will be provided for, the universe is a wonderful being of raw, pure energy working in our favor and at times.

    Spiritually, I believe we are all ONE and the Earth and Universe are living organisms in which we are all connected….so do unto others as you would do to yourself. I live INTENTIONALLY and believe that HAPPINESS is measured by your gifts not your possessions. I consider myself a spiritual being CO-CREATING a happy world and a happy world is a healthy one.

    I am very passionate about living in harmony with nature. I am passionate about clean air, water and soil and good food to eat. I have been searching for land in N/W US states like ID, CA, WA, OR, MT, CO, WY. The place I call home will be off grid and somewhere where there is clean water, air and good soil to grow healthy foods and where folks can come together as a community to support each other. I believe the Earth is at a crossroads and we need to choose the path towards a kinder, respectful, and healthier connection with ourselves, others and our planet so we can all survive. It is ironic how most people are taught to trust entities such as governments/corporations/utilities without a definitive face, but we find it difficult to trust neighbors, friends, relatives, strangers we may meet face-to-face on a daily basis. We need to return to simplicity and band together as one people to overcome challenges presented by these faceless entities to make a positive statement and become independent of these large controlling entities and become stronger as a self- sufficient community of persons. Health and being a steward of the Earth to live in harmony is very important to me. I want to be part of the solution not the problem. It is not about competition but about cooperation! Looking for anyone who shares this goal to offer talents, support and knowledge. I am ready to make a commitment, let’s talk and share ideas so we can all move forward with this vision. I would love to hear from you.



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