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    Hey everyone. I have looked at thousands of land parcels over the years to move otg and i cant find exactley what i want. Here i am, still looking and no closer to my goal, so i figure ill try something new. I am looking looking for a large piece of land to go otg. The reason it has to be large is so i can have room to hunt and access to firewood . A 2 acre parcel will not provide enough firewood for cooking; before you know it youll be clearcutting everything, nor is it enough space to hunt. So, what i propose is sell me a few acres on the corner or wherever of your Appalachian or Ozark land. I would want acces to fresh timber to build my small cabin and furniture with. Other than that, i would only ask that you allow me to hunt your property several times per year. and if i cant drive a well, i would need access to water. I would also be interested in living on a small parcel adjacent to a WMA or National forest. We could just be neighbors, or we could farm collectively. I would prefer to share a large garden and pasture with you, but obviously dont mind having a garden and animals on my corner. So who am i and whats my idea of off grid you ask? Im just a country boy who enjoys living the simple life. Im 28, an army veteran, clean cut and sober with no skeletons or baggage. I consider myself to be well educated, so dont think im a dumb hick. I spent every summer for the first 18 years of my life living for 3 months on the sandbar with my uncles noodling, hunting hogs and alligator and trapping raccoons. When the summers ended and i had to go back to school, i would get dropped off on friday afternoons at the nearest BLM area and camp all weekend, usually going back to school monday tired and smelling like wood smoke all year. There have been several times when my lease on an apartment would end, and i just went out into management area and lived for 6 months at a time. Of course i could go out there now, but it wouldnt last long. I couldnt build anything, or have animals, etc. So i guess im trying to make the point that im a skilled woodsman, hunter and fisherman, and i would build a cabin right now and never look back if i had the place to do it. Im the kind of guy that can walk into the forest with a knife, a tarp and a few fishhooks and live like a king, and ive done it. Ive been told my whole life that i was born in the wrong era. Mom regularly came home to me frying a rattlesnake or baking a squirrel. Im a self sufficient person that doesnt need a grocery store or a job, tvs or cars. I wouldnt have a fridge, or a washer and dryer, and i can guarantee that after my bluejeans have been worn to shreds theyll be replaced by buckskin. I have always raised animals and had a huge garden. At one point i had a potted garden on the roof of an apartment. I can compost, split wood, dig all day, build anything that you can imagine with my bare hands, and im not afraid of rain, snow, the dark, sasquatches or hard labor. I could go on all day about this, but i wont. I just want to let everyone know im not a city kid talking about going off grid. Im very serious and understand what it is to live that life, and ive been ready for years. As for off the grid, i think my definition is way different than most others. Im talking Proenekke style, remote and everything done with your hands, not with power tools. I would only need a very small set of panels to power some indoor led lighting, and thats just because i dont want to deal with finding the fuel to burn a lamp. This would be low impact, only cutting down enough logs for my home and furniture. I would need to build a root cellar also. So i think thats enough for now. If your interested or would like to know more about myself, please dont hesitate to contact me. I have a lot to offer someone who is already otg, and would make an excellent neighbor or helper. I look forward to hearing from you.


    You might like my place as a base camp and from here you can go into the woods / state gamelands next to my place to hunt etc etc.. oh we have no gators here but lots of bears.. see my ad

    Nick Rosen


    I would love to have you on our property. We have an old 50 acre homestead that is totally surrounded by National Forest. There are tens of thousands of acres of National Forest that you can only access if you have permission to cross our property so it never gets hunted. You would basically have your own private hunting reserve. There is an abundance of deer, elk, turkeys, bears, etc. There are also several natural lakes which can only be accessed by hiking so they rarely get fisherman and you can always count on catching your limit if you make the trip. There is also more timber than you could ever possibly use. The property has a pasture which needs to be cleared of sage brush and there is a stream that runs through the property which is fed from nearby spring. The water is fresh and clean and I drink it regularly with no filtration. Here is a link to some pics The property is located in rural Utah. If you have read “into the wild” there is a story about a guy name Everett Ruess Anyway your post reminds me of his story and he actually disappeared very near our property. You are exactly what we need on our place. I am anxious to get a garden in this year and figure out an irrigation system for it. I can help dig a root cellar and there is lots of loose stone to line the walls. The property sits at the base of an 11,000′ mountain so the winters can be harsh, however this year was not so bad. The nearest town has about 300 residents and is 13 miles on a dirt road. I have an old motorhome you are welcome to live in while you build your place or of course you can pitch a tent or build a yurt. If this is something you are interested in let me know. From what you describe in your post I think you would love the place. But I suggest you come visit and spend a little time before you decide. I would even be willing to help you out with bus ticket if you need…No strings attached. I am motivated because you have skills I need to learn. I don’t know the first thing about hunting or living totally off the land. I also cant seem to get anything to grow right and I want to make our place livable year round. I have some solar equipment or there is probably enough water in the stream to power whatever you need with a small hydro generator. You can email me at


    Hey guys, check this out. I contacted bigj22 at his email today concerning his offer, and after a quick google search of his name and his partners name, youll find they are involved in a 275 million dollar scam. They apparently have 10 million stashed in the mountains in Utah. Page after page has nothing good to say about these guys. Just be careful who youre dealing with on here. and a word to the wise, its generally not advisable to around messing with country boys. Thanks centralpafarm, i checked you out and like what you have going on. But after seing this, i think im just gonna have to work a little harder and do this on my own.


    Hi Gator, have you had any luck finding land yet? I’m eager to get otg but I don’t have the skills that you have. I’d be interested to learn from you and share some information about living otg. I’m really interested in herbs and plants and how they can be used for healing etc. I would love to be able to walk through the woods and actually know which plants I can use for various things… cooking, medicine etc. I can’t stand the rat race and as each day passes I spend more time daydreaming and researching otg info and places to go live. I keep googling organic/self sustainable communities but I haven’t found anything that really captures me yet. Ideally I would rather live independently to a group of people but I don’t have the skills to do it alone. I would like to do this with someone who I can learn from and who I can share the hard work with. I’m also “educated” in the traditional sense, but that means nothing to me… I want to be educated in the land and to have my hands in the soil beneath my feet, growing food and living a life away from the commodities that grip the lives of most people. It would be great to hear from you even if you’ve already found what you’re looking for.

    – Rosie.


    Thank you everyone for your interest, but I have already been contacted and have made arrangements to live on 300 acres of wilderness in upstate NY.

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