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    We are looking for a few people who are aware of whats coming here soon its no longer a matter of IF but WHEN will it happen. I am speaking about the RFID chip that is soon to be implanted in each one of us. Google RFID chip, yes there is a lot of hype and sensationalism surrounding it, but if you dig deeper you will find the truth and that is going to happen with in the next 2-5 years at hte latest.

    Anyways we are gearing up and preparing for our destination and living off grid. Its going to require alot of prep work before we leave for the destination t

    we are a skilled couple between us we have basic medical, construction, electrical, mechanical, farming, gardening and other general skills.

    We are looking for people who are pro active against this threat that is coming and do not want to become a government gps robot so to speak.

    We are wanting to work closely with the people we pick, and its important that they have skills that would enhance what we already know in order to have a more complete knowledge in that area or have them bring in a new skill tset that is relevant to survival off grid in a remote and isolated area.

    we are not disclosing the location or exact time of this move for safety reasons we will disclose this information upon further communication.

    It will take about 2 weeks or so to travel to this destination point.

    All people involved will be expected to contribute supplies and provide their own financial contributions for their part.

    What we are not looking for is drama, drugs, crime, laziness, lack of commitment, military control mindset, my way or the highway attitudes, or any other non team work mentality

    If you want further information and or have questions please email me atat


    Aloha to you both :)

    I am also planning on doing the same for the same reasons.

    Have been watching the NWO progress plans and activley preparing since 1984.

    i have sent you an email this morning. hope we can talk soon.

    my email is

    Best Regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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