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    29/m/mn here, looking to get off the grid, and become part of a

    self sufficient comunity.

    I have a background in General home construction, block to roof and

    everything in between ive done. I come standard with my faithfull pick up,

    and my own tools.

    I have also done computer work for a living, and have been a Computer

    enthusiast sence i was 12, I come standard with more computers

    (poweredge/powervault servers) than some small countries, or i can sell


    I have been a long time camping/hunting/fishing advocate, have studied

    bushcraft/survival skills. I am not a vegan, never will be, but i don’t mind

    shooting, cleaning, and cooking my own food. I come standard with all of my

    camping gear…my 3day, my 2 week, and my extended sustainment packs…

    I have been gardening for several years now. I take peppers very seriously,

    there is not one single plant thats edible, that i don’t like to eat, and I have grown most things that grow in MN. I have also dabbled into canning / preserving

    i have many many other personal studies on the side ranging from things like cooking city planning, medical knowledge, physics, ecology, philosophy,psycology, animal handling, and care, etc…

    Please note that i am not claiming to be an “expert” in very many

    thing, but i do have a broad high baseline of skills

    If anyone would like to open a dialog with me about joining a comunity, or

    even getting one going, the prefered method would be by Yahoo IM, at

    Dreamthinker79, by email at, or by replying to this thread

    Please put !!!! acrost a good chunk of the subject, so it will stand out,

    and i will read it

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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