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    Michael Bunker appears to have a “Surviving Off-Grid” book coming soon


    Personally, I can’t wait until the online book comes out! It promises to be a totally different perspective, with a lot of innovative information that one may put directly into practice. (DV)

    Oh Yeah!


    For the record, someone edited my above post (and didn’t even do a very good job as evidenced by the lack of punctuation and misspelled words). Not sure if someone hacked my account or if the moderator has decided it is more fun to make someone say something they didn’t say. I originally posted a review by Michael Bunker about the Palm Pre, a completely legit review that is not spam. I also mentioned that the “Surviving Off Off-Grid” book coming soon looked interesting. Should I take a screenshot of this one after I post so I have a record? I can’t figure out a way to edit my original post to say what it originally did.


    Wow, I hope no one edits my post.

    Glad to see your reply. And yes…..take a screen shot. I am ;-)


    Hi – thanks to everyone for drawing my attention to this – we have tightened up security – tomatosprout- -do you want me to delete your original post or restore it to what you actually said? In which case – what did you actually say?

    Sorry also for the delay in publication of Michael’s chapters – should all go live tomorrow (Webmaster has been on holiday)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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